Italians have perfected the car, leather products, men and wine. Now, they have perfected the energy drink.


Hailing from a land shaped like an Armani leather boot, it’s little wonder the Italians managed to sneak some of that intangible flair into a 330ml bottle of liquid.


Boca Lupo is the new ‘prodotto d’Italia’ that promises, tentatively (‘there are no guarantees’) to get you to ‘howl at the moon’, or at the very least, bring you a little good luck.


‘In bocca al lupo’ literally means ‘in the wolf’s mouth’, but telling someone to get inside a wolf’s mouth is the wry Italian way of wishing them good luck. Boca Lupo is designed to get you all the way inside that wolf’s mouth, and keep you there, until you no longer require any luck (or energy!) and can go on to achieve whatever groundbreaking enterprise you set out to.



How do they do it?


For starters, they have decided to go natural. Omitting the nasty toxins of taurine, found in most competing energy drinks, they’ve added the natural flavors and benefits of fresh fruit juice; a delicious cocktail of orange, passion fruit, pineapple and peach. Gone is the need to offend your taste buds with overly sweet, artificial chemicals. With Boca Lupo, you can get the buzz, without the metallic aftertaste.


Speaking of metallic, don’t let the sleek white bottle confuse you. Boca Lupo’s stylish packaging is 100% aluminum. And well, you know how everything tastes better in a can? In all its carbonated freshness, Boca Lupo is no different. The re-sealable bottle cap just allows you the luxury of sipping rather than gulping, while the aluminum keeps your drink cool while you mull over it.



And while they’re boosting the get-up-and-go of those slightly deficient in it, those incomparable Italians are simultaneously saving the lives of their endangered mascots. Yep, they’ve actually sponsored a wolf pack! They’ve also teamed up with not-for-profit carbon offset provider, Carbon Neutral, to do away with all their CO2 emissions.

Not an Armani-leather-boot-carbon-footprint in sight!


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