ACMI’s James Nolen; the man behind the magic that is the Deep in Vogue: Fashion on Film series talks to Couturing’s Lena Tuck



MSFW is due to start tomorrow, and one of the must see events for the week is the Deep In Vogue Film Series currated by the lovely James Nolen, Film Programmer at ACMI. Couturing writer Lena Tuck interviewed the dynamic Nolan to find out more about the exciting films on offer this MSFW.


1. First off, what was the reason that you wanted to curate the Deep In Vogue: Fashion on Film series?  And where did your inspiration come from?


We present a Fashion on Film program in partnership with Melbourne Spring Fashion Week (and six months later with the L’Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival) every year! This year’s inspiration came from the last 30 years of fashion history and the news that the French-made documentary series the FASHION PACK would be finished in time for our screenings in September. It will be receiving its Australian premiere here at ACMI!



2. What did you hope to achieve in curating Deep in Vogue: Fashion on Film?


We wanted to bring a sense of perspective to the last three decades of fashion history with the Fashion Pack, take people behind the scenes of fantastic fashion shows with The Day Before Isabel Marant + Lanvin and bring people up-to-date with what’s happening in the world of fashion with Mademoiselle Agnès’ latest fashion fantasia in Dressed for Winter 2012/2013, for starters!



3. How are you expecting the public to respond to this programme?


Melbournians are great fashion fans (I count myself as one of them!) and we always get a lot of love and support. And with an exciting mix of films this year, I am looking forward to seeing everyone again!



4. Do you think Deep in Vogue: Fashion on Film gives aspiring Melbourne designers inspiration and drive to see these high fashion designers from all around the world shaping and changing the fashion landscape?


I think these films inspire everyone, including emerging and aspiring fashion designers! Many Australian designers do go and work with these major European and US fashion houses and then return to establish their own label.



5. As you mentioned this programme is linked to Melbourne Spring Fashion Week (MSFW), do you think viewing these films will change the audience’s idea of the amount of work that goes into these runway shows and designs?


Definitely. Just watch The Day Before Isabel Marant + Lanvin and you will see the extraordinary effort that is made to put on a parade. Alber Elbaz, head designer at Lanvin is a renowned perfectionist and the level of perfection he aspires to is both nerve-wracking and inspirational.



6. Are there any Australian designers in particular you are looking forward to seeing at MSFW, or anyone who you think will be a standout?


It will be great to see some new Menswear designers coming through! You ladies have so much to choose from… it really isn’t fair! I really loved Nick Brown’s clever tailoring with vintage Australian made blankets currently on display at 1000 £ Bend…I wanted to steal his half jacket/half blanket right off the mannequin! Recently I bought a piece of Orri Henrisson’s Melbourne-made work and am looking forward to seeing what he has coming up in the Tomorrow’s Heroes runway show. And then there’s From Britten, the twin sons of wedding dress designer Linda Britten who might just make it this year (I’m crossing everything for them)!



7. Couturing had the fortune of seeing The Day Before: Lanvin film, which gave such wonderful insight into to how much work, detail and passion goes into high-end fashion runway shows, also showing Alber Elbaz and many other high-end fashion designers off guard and candid. Do you think that this film gives the audience a good look beyond the fashion realm and into the people behind the designs?


Completely. I feel a lot of compassion for Alber Elbaz after viewing The Day Before Lanvin and I think you will feel the same for Isabel Marant and Tom Ford who are also profiled in our Deep In Vogue: Fashion on Film program. You’ll get to learn a lot more about what goes on in the minds of great fashion designers like Yohji Yamamoto, Ann Demeulemeester, Rick Owens, Thierry Mugler and Claude Montana in the Fashion Pack series of documentaries too!



8. And the must see film of the series (your personal pick) is?


Please don’t make me choose! Well, OK then. Start with Fashion Pack; Golden Eighties + Anti Fashion and then I think you might just want to see more!




Thanks for taking the time to talk to Couturing James! Make sure you get your tickets to the Deep In Vogue Fashion Series online and don’t miss out on learning more about the amazing designers on show.

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