Iconic performance brand, adidas, is supporting Australians to “Try That Thing”, with the launch of its latest adiClub Days campaign, where adidas members are encouraged to step out of their comfort zone and try something new. In celebration of adiClub Days, adidas is creating a safe and inclusive activation for its community to take part in a new activity, with a goal to reduce feelings of negativity and pressure rather encourage self-belief and opening possibilities for all.


As part of adiClub Days, adidas has partnered with adidas athlete and personal trainer, Britt Cutts, to host its free and immersive health and wellness pop up to encourage people across the country to simply participate in something new.


adidas’ first adiClub Days event, adiClub HIIT, scheduled for 27 April in Melbourne, will see Britt take attendees through a bespoke group fitness session like no other, focusing on movement, wellness and connection. In addition to the HIIT workout, adiClub members will enjoy a suite of wellness zones where they can “Try That Thing”. From ice baths, ear seeding and crystal readings, the space will incorporate exciting new experiences for attendees to enjoy, alongside organic food, DJs and epic new adidas product. Ahead of the adiClub session, we caught up with Britt to ask her about the event and get some tips about what we can do to “Try That Thing”

We love the meaning behind “Try That Thing” adiClub Days campaign from Adidas. What does it mean to you to “Try That Thing”?

What I love about exercise is it enables you to learn so much about yourself and allows you to try new experiences, meet new people and test your limits. To me, “Try That Thing” is all about creating unforgettable experiences through participating in things outside the norm, such as fitness events, new challenges, joining a community, signing up to a run and just anything that builds a sense of empowerment by proving to yourself that you can do things outside of your comfort zone. You don’t have to be elite at it to begin with- you can just give it a go and have fun!


How much of this is also a mindset shift and what can people do to help build that mindset to try something new?

Our choices we make in life are heavily dictated by the thoughts we allow to come into our minds. Our brain is like a muscle, we should take it to the gym and train it everyday. It is important to try and develop a growth mindset so you don’t set unnecessary limits on yourself. One way to contribute to a growth mindset is by trying new things even if it feels a bit daunting- it leads to more confidence through learning new skills, it builds trust within yourself and you begin to realise just how clever the body is and perhaps the box you put yourself in is too small for what you are really capable of.


How is doing exercise or activities in a group important to your well being? 

We are social creatures and many studies show that connection is one of our core human needs. Our energy is passed on through conversations and connection as it activates oxytocin in our body. Combine that with exercise which is a natural antidepressant and gives us energy and endorphins, we have ourselves a top tier combo that is hugely beneficial to our overall well being. Ironically when someone is mentally struggling, they generally don’t want to be as social and often feel physically less motivated to move the body but they would notice a truly positive impact from both exercise and connection combined.

It’s beginning to change seasons and a lot of people find it hard to motivate themselves to do anything. at this time. What are your top tips to help battle the onset of winter fatigue and find ways to do something helpful for the mind and body?

I find it best to tailor my styles of exercise to the weather but still discipline myself to maintain that consistency. For example in summer I will run outside a lot more, walk outside most evenings, swim, ice baths etc. In winter I will swap that for more weight training, hot pilates/yoga, incline treadmill walk indoors and infrared saunas. Every style of exercise can benefit you in different ways whether it is mentally or physically so I am a big advocate for having variety in your regime. Therefore, you can maintain your staple workouts all year around (e.g 2 x strength days) then adjust the other workout days to suit the time of year. Another thing for me is to make new goals around my exercise every quarter so that allows me to create a plan with the above strategy!


The first adiClub Days event will take place from 8am – 10:30am at Two Ton Max, 124 Langford Street, North Melbourne on 27 April, 2024. Sign up to adiClub to secure your spot at: www.adidas.com.au/adiclub


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