Gisele Bundchen is synonymous with a great body, gorgeous face and a Victoria Secret’s angel, and as if this isn’t enough she also has women around the globe envious of her perfectly executed beach hair.

While most of us don’t have a stylist on hand to perfect the look, here are a few products and ways in which you can also have flawless beach waves this summer just like Giselle.


The most simple and effective way to achieve the beach waves hairstyle and make your locks look like you’ve just stepped out from the ocean is to do just that- go for a dip at the beach. When you come out of the water, your hair will soak up the saltiness from the ocean and will naturally twist and curl your locks.

If your tresses require further help rather than a dip in the ocean many brands have released sea salt sprays that mimic what the ocean will naturally do for your hair. These sprays are good for any hair type from thin and straight to thick and wavy to help create effortless beach waves.

Bumble and Bumble’s Surf Spray ($44) have acquired a cult following for the results their sea salt spray has had and is a top seller for Mecca. It is easy to use and can be applied through damp or dry hair. For better results try scrunching up your hair in the palm of your hands for extra fullness and texture.

Evo’s spray called Salty Dog Beach Cocktail Beach Spray ($26.95) offers your locks a great texture and fullness with a soft matte finish, making it look like you’ve just come off the sand. Similarly Redken’s Nature’s Rescue Radiant Sea Spray ($29) and Label.M’s Sea Salt Spray ($29.95) will produce great results for a long lasting beach waves.

This hairstyle is definitely one to try these warmer months and will be an essential in completing your summer look.

Another easy to wear hairstyle that Gisele as well as other celebrities such as Kim Kardashian have been sporting is the slicked back wet look. This has been a reoccurring trend on the catwalks and will creep its way onto the streets this summer and will be an essential, along with a great pair of bikinis!

To get the slickbacked look, leave your hair wet. Using a hair gel, like Kevin.Murphy’s NightRider ($27.95) or for an even stronger hold, get out your man’s gel, one like the Redken for Men Stand Tough Extreme Gel ($21.95) and apply from the roots down, to about four inches of your hair.

To get a really sleek look, run the gel through using a wide toothcomb, smoothing the hair back as you go. If you are after more of an unstructured appearance, simply use your fingertips to work the gel through resulting in a less slicked back look. After the gel has been applied, use a hairspray, spraying it onto your hands and then smoothing over from the roots down once again, in order to keep hair strands in place and for no movement to occur. This slicked back wet look is best suited for darker shades of hair as it has more depth therefore reflecting the natural light and giving a shinier appearance. These hairstyles are definitely ones to try these warmer months and will be an essential in completing your summer look.


Images courtesy of Redken, Mecca Cosmetica and Vogue Paris

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