The mere mention of summer festivals can make some of the strongest of us squirm. Hideous memories arise. Visions of entering a portable toilet on the last leg of its four day sun-soaked marathon, of not being cleaned, paying $16 for a kebab, $9 for a canned beer and then feeling like you should donate these abhorrently priced snacks to the unhealthy looking 16 year old in cheeky shorts.

Finally, a festival of good food, music and style has arisen. With the help of So Frenchy So Chic, Melburnians have been washing away their dark festival pasts with a crisp glass of rosé.

This year the headlining artists at So Frenchy So Chic are the gorgeous four-piece 60’s inspired Revolver, former singer of the enchanting Nouvelle Vague; Melanie Pain, sell-out ‘gypsy jazz’ singer Carmen Maria Vega with her band, and home grown French-Australian cabaret singer, Nadéah.

So Frenchy So Chic has been described as ‘the ultimate garden party’ and aims to bring the best of french food, wine, music and cheer to the ears and mouths of francophiles lounging in Werribee Park. The history and decadence of the 10-acre Werribee Mansion Estate seems only fitting for romantic music, gourmet food and elegantly dressed festival goers to float through. The formal gardens of Werribee Park are becoming quite the capital for alternative and quality music.

Forget lining up in front of a truck for mass-produced festival food, for a little extra added on your ticket you can pick up So Frenchy So Chic’s gourmet hampers. Boutique Caterers Egg Unlimited fill petite picnic boxes with delights from local markets to make a balanced 3 course meal for one or two. Classic french side dishes surround a gourmet baguette filled with Free Range chicken and mustard mayonnaise or grilled vegetables and relish in the vegetarian box. You can cheekily crunch on the green bean, goat’s cheese and baby beet salad in the share hamper or lick chocolate pots de crème from your wooden spoon in an attempt to feel french and sultry. Wines from the French Riveria and the Loire Valley may also assist in your French fantasy.

A photo booth with costumes, face painting and drumming classes will also be available for kids if you want to bring along les enfants to join in the cheer. If you can’t make it at all, the So Frenchy So Chic compilation album is also available featuring this years artists and many more.

So Frenchy So Chic
20th January 2013
Werribee Park Mansion
K Road,  Werribee
Tickets are on sale through Cartell Music and Ticketmaster

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