With the new year just around the corner, now’s the perfect time to start thinking about a new hairstyle. Couturing gives you the rundown on the top hair trends to try in 2013.


Waves, waves, waves

2013 will bring on the era of the Retro waves. Bring back old-time glamour with wide side parts, glossy curls and tumbling waves.


Crops, bobs & shoulder skimmers

The pixie look is back with a vengeance. For the girl on the go this look provides versatility and style, giving a coquettish appeal to the innocent crop.

Mid-length hair and shoulder skimmers are also becoming prevalent, establishing themselves as an elegant option for the classy woman. Hair can be curled, loosely tousled, or given vivacious volume.

Balayage not dip-dye!

Dip-dye is going out the window, making way for a subtler look. Bringing a classy twist to the multi-tone trend, balayage requires a more complex blending of light  to dark, giving a more even transition from root to tip.


From high to low

Elegance has also transpired into the world of updos, with top knots and buns showing a more ballerina feel. Pirouette your way into these looks with a sleek high bun, keeping aside a few wisps of side bangs.

If you’re in need of something more formal, try the Twist. Again channelling the retro trend, incorporating the twist method in your updo creates a more glamorous look for those nights out.

On the other end of the scale, you can loosen up your hair to accomplish the ‘Undone’ updo. Perfect for giving an understated touch to a more dressed-up occasion.

Low pony tails will also be trending in the new year, already a popular choice on the red carpet. Sleek hair either parted down the middle or on the side suits this look well.


For something more fancy, try the ‘Low chignon’. Sitting near the nape of your neck, most celebrities opt to place on the side, adding an asymmetrical appeal to their look.


Hair that makes a statement
The revival of statement hair accessories will also make an impact in 2013. From hair pins to Alice bands, nothing is out of limits.


A slick entrance
This summer especially, the ‘Wet Look’ will be something to look out for. Slicked back hair has already been spotted on celebrities and in fashion shows, and it won’t be long before it enters the mainstream.

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