Early Wednesday morning, Couturing attended the launch of Zara’s fourth store nationwide at Chadstone Shopping Centre. Coffee and mini macaroons on arrival and a personalised guided tour of the two-storey store, showcased the sophistication and simplicity of Zara’s new image.




Zara first launched the concept of its updated image at the new Fifth Avenue store in New York City, with simplicity being the core focus. This means more space, less clutter and far easier to navigate. Each floor is divided into sections with similar clothing and styles arranged together, creating a wonderland of matching colours and textures.


The first floor carries menswear, children’s wear, TRF (young & casual wear) and some women’s wear, whilst the second floor dedicates all of itself to women’s. To make it simpler for shoppers, these areas have been divided further into sections that showcase the variety of trend groups from the current season.




In the Menswear area we saw denim, khaki, pastels, suits, and an array of trendy paisley prints currently stocked only at the Chadstone store. From soft to hard, tailored to casual, the ranges covered them all.


Equally as impressive is the Kids’ section, where we see seasonal trends and classic styles adapted for mini fashionistas. Chanel inspired mini tweed jackets and boy’s Varsity striped cardigans prove that the young ones can have a bit of fun too.


But of course, the Women’s wear dominates the store with its brilliantly large variety of styles. Downstairs are festival knits and crochets, pastels and bold colours that complement the adjoining areas of Men’s & Kid’s wear, whilst upstairs showcased a range of this season’s most favoured trends and styles.


With new styles arriving in store twice a week, Zara churns through fashion like wildfire, always on top of the latest trend. The Chadstone store also launched a range of shoes and bags, which have been made exclusively for the Australian market.


Our conclusion? Elegance and ease is simply the best way to shop, and Zara has definitely achieved this with its new Chadstone store.


Zara is located at Chadstone Shopping Centre, 1341 Dandenong Road, Chadstone, VIC 3148.




















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