Premium runways at VAMFF are always a highlight, showcasing some of the very best Australian talent for the season ahead.

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Opening with loose linen layers, Albus Lemen  (complete with Beyoncé-referencing stark brimmed hats) showed a wide ranging collection with a colour palette beginning at crisp whites before moving into tangerine.

Bassike showed a more masculine cut for tailoring, with silhouettes looser and cuffs exaggerated.

Viktoria & Woods winked at the ’70s with a warm palette and coordinating separates shown during their section, before moving into Camilla and Marc’s girl, who is all about khaki tones and exaggerated layering – a party girl with a sizeable bank account.

Bianca Spender began with bold hits of jewel tones before moving into plaids and dark toned florals.

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Dion Lee showcased slinky knits contrasted with utilitarian pieces, all tailored to his signature technical style, while Scanlan Theodore had bold fuschia, bottle green and pops of primary colours before evolving into evening pieces with a reference to vintage Dior tea dresses.

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Making a statement (possibly in support of #TimesUp), the all black finale walk was definitely a highlight – especially for a city that generally shirks from colour.

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