Being a brown gal in a white-dominated culture such as Australia has its cons when it comes to beauty products. Shopping for make-up leaves me frustrated as most shades don’t go any darker than ‘Beige’ or ‘Tan’, and skincare ranges usually cater for lighter skin-tones that target things such as freckles or gradual tanning – things that don’t really relate to me.

When I looked to companies overseas, many of the skincare ranges emphasized the need to ‘lighten’ and ‘whiten’ skin rather than care for the natural beauty dark women already had. A lot of Asian countries I have found, including India and Sri Lanka, have a white-preference attitude when it comes to beauty which unfortunately disregards the need for nurture and care, and focuses more on bleaching and whitening – things that I don’t relate to either.

So I was stuck in beauty rut, so-to-speak.

When I heard about Brown Skin Secrets, I was optimistic because of the fact that it was made by someone who understood my frustrations. It wasn’t some white-male CEO in a top-notch company in New York, but rather it was an Anglo-Indian woman from Australia.

Founder, Lynn Ross was a HR professional turned beauty expert who created Brown Skin Secrets after suffering from adult acne, scarring, pigmentation and sunspots. After a lack of results and extensive trials with existing products on the market, Brown Skin Secrets was born.

“A few years ago my skin broke down, and it really affected my self-confidence, both personally and professionally,” Lynn said.

“After trying numerous products and failing to find something suitable, I knew there had to be a better solution”, she added.

Using herself as a case study, researching her own skin type and speaking with focus groups from sub-continental and Asian origins, as well as other nationalities, Lynn learned the specific demands of darker skin and the need for a different skincare approach.

“On a cellular level, darker skin heals and ages differently to other skin types, I wanted to create a tailored skincare range to accommodate these needs, and it was important that we offered a natural alternative,” she said.

Lynn’s words apply to my skin situation on so many levels, as it does with many of my brown skin friends, so I was looking forward to trying out the Brown Skin Secrets range for myself. Having a combination of dry to normal skin, I opted for the Hydrating System – a three piece pack comprising of a Milk Cleanser, Pink Clay and Jojoba Exfoliant and Hydrating Moisturiser (Brown Skin Secrets also caters for those of you with oily/combination skin with their Balancing System).

Milk Cleanser

This ultra refreshing milk formula cleanses the skin without over drying it. A unique blend of key ingredients including Cucumber, Rose Hip, Aloe Vera, Vitamin C and Kakadu Plum, work to leave the skin feeling luxuriously soft and supple.

The milky texture is ideal for cleansing and protecting delicate, mature or dry skin, while gently cleansing the skin of impurities and light make-up. Within a week of using it I noticed that it helped to even out my complexion, especially the horrible problem area around my chin and mouth. I also like the fact that it was made from non-comedogenic ingredients thus it did a good job of not blocking my pores!

Pink Clay and Jojoba Exfoliant

Regular exfoliation is an important part of maintaining healthy skin. This gentle exfoliant contains pink clay and jojoba beads to help refine skin texture.

I used this every second day following my Milk Cleanser. The pink clay absorbs and draws impurities from the skin, whilst the non-abrasive jojoba beads work to gently remove dead skin cells and reveal radiant complexion. Regular use of the exfoliant left my skin glowing with a fresh zing to it.

Because of my skin’s dry tendencies it usually lacks vitality and ends up looking quite grey and dull. Most scrubs I used in the past were too harsh for my skin and ended up leaving my face red, raw and stinging. This product was gentle enough to stimulate and even out my complexion without any harsh reactions. A big thumbs up!

Hydrating Moisturiser

Hallelujah for a light moisturiser that does it’s job! So many times have I been torn between lightweight creams that leave my skin dry, or heavy-weight creams that creates an oil spill on my face. This is an easily absorbed hydrating formula, with a unique combination of Kakadu Plum, Rosehip, Soy, Manuka Honey, Chamomile and Vitamin B3, C & E, that work at a cellular level to promote healthy, supple skin. My skin was soft to touch with zero flakiness, and no T-zone sheen either. Perfect.


A must for Couturing readers of all shades. Suitable for men and women, and even those with extremely sensitive skin, the line assists in balancing, hydrating, clarifying and brightening darker skin tones, as well as reducing signs of premature ageing such as surface pigmentation and wrinkles.

Can you still use the Brown Skin Secrets range, even if you do not have brown skin? Of course!

The range has been developed to target the general characteristics of brown skin. However, this does not limit its use to other skin types. The range contains naturally and organically derived ingredients without the chemicals that are still effective for other skin types/colours, including lighter skin tones.

The products are certified by Safe Cosmetics Australia and are free from chemicals, mineral oils, nasty parabens and sulphates, artificial colours or fragrances and are not tested on animals. Not to mention they support Australian agriculture and manufacturing, by sourcing and producing the range locally.

The Brown Skin Secrets range is available online at www.brownskinsecrets.com.au, shipping worldwide. Products are priced from $24.95, with sample packs available from $5.00.

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