Everyone’s favourite high street retailer is back with their new Pre-Fall collection to give us all a lesson in style. Toyshop Unique’s latest range reinvents campus cool, taking cues from stylish students sauntering the halls of Cambridge, with the effortlessly layered look and The Smiths on their iPod.

Hitting “refresh” on iconic British looks; slouchy, tomboyish dirt wash denim jeans meet the don’s polished tweed and puppy tooth tailoring. The decadent oversize cuts and DB details bring charm, steeped in 90’s pop culture nostalgia.

Making a point of straying from seasonal dressing, the pieces are set to work through the year. Detachable shearling collars ensure outerwear has longevity beyond autumnal days, and the roomy shearling Swinton coat and the mannish Withnail-esque corduroy crombie can be effortlessly shrugged over ethereal georgette dresses.

The story of contrasts continues with oversize blazers, concealing Byron-esque blouses and thigh-grazing miniskirts. This romantic rebel unites bookish cuts with a roar of leopard cloché – retaining its chic – even when found screwed up in ball in the corner of the party.

A new study in the history of art – introducing the dusky floral Selwyn print – interpreted as silk displaced placket dresses and lame tux shirts, set to dance through the intensity of gladioli-swinging gigs to the highs of the end of summer ball. The Campion moth-print adds a subversive flutter to tea dresses and poet blouses. Destined for a first, the denim maxi makes a comeback paired with lurex polo necks.

Accessories boast clever cool. Flat printed red pony skin Chelsea boots are perfect for pacing the quads at all hours. Or for those that prefer to pad anonymously, the discretion of the Belvoir slipper peeping out from insouciant maxi-skirts and puddle-hem jumpsuits. The sophistication of evening slippers and sandals come punked-up with rebellious kilt pins.

If you need to refresh your uni wardrobe, or if you want to call back to studying (albeit with a better wardrobe), the collection will be available at Topshop stores nationally.


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