It’s official – the flare is back.

Let’s be honest – seeing Calvin Klein Jeans’ new range featuring the style did leave me questioning how this would work. Being a style that I’ve never seen to date so well (sharing that trait with neon) you could excuse my hesitations. However after trying on a few pairs, it become quite clear very quickly how modern CKJ have made this new look denim. Read this once: do not miss this range for the definition of cool and effortless style.

Calvin Klein Jeans have done it again, redefining an icon in denim with their new range – RCKR KICK. The simple, clean and effortless new collection is reminiscent of a long gone classic – for a new modern age. The hero is of course the rocker kick jean for both men and women. A skinny fit for ladies with a high waist is evocative of seventies rock and roll, while the monochromatic palette is perfect for modern sensibilities. For men – slim and straight to the floor.

Initially this might seem quite daring for men who aren’t interested in being part of fashion’s early adopters, however after trying on a few styles in the rocker kick denim, the fit is casual with a slight edge perfect for wear with a pair of boots. This rings true for women as seeing the style, the fit is slim, flattering and extremely (and surprisingly) modern. The combination of washed and softly blasted jeans with a total, rubberised resin coating give it a feeling that is “oh-so-now” and classic shapes made for a modern audience makes this a truly unique jean and one I would recommend to take the risk with – or at least to try on. I promise you haven’t tried on anything this new and comfortable in quite some time. To dress, as featured in the campaign imagery, you can see just how well a booted heel pairs with this new range.

For apparel, tone-on-tone and monochrome dressing is in with CKJ. This means white-on-white, black-on-black with pops of colour. This suits my current palette perfectly with “textured neutrals” being my favourite trend this season and I was definitely not short of choice. With both subtle and vivaciously bold uses of colour in orange and lime for both the mens and womens range, Calvin Klein Jeans have given a summery twist to tops and bottoms with apparel preparing you for a very warm and bright summer. For women, do not go past the bright lipstick pink, pair with white basics and you have yourself a confident and effortless summer look.

For more information on the RCKR KICK range visit Calvin Klein Jeans 

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