As I sit here in front of my laptop, listening to the uplifting, nostalgic tune ‘your gorgeous’ by Babybird on the eve of the new Couturing’s launch… I’m thinking, oh wait, chorus! ‘because youuuur gorgeouuuus, I’d do anything for youuuu’ *dance break* ok I’m back… what was I saying? oh yeah WELCOME!


Welcome to Couturing’s NEW Lifestyle section, keeping you up to date with all the latest happy-haps around our beautiful city, Melbourne. I will try to keep the nineties nostalgia at bay and keep us moving forward but I can’t make any promises *wink*.


I’m Bree and I am the fortunate Editor of Couturing Lifestyle.



I look forward to being the little birdie that tells you all about Melbourne’s best restaurants and cafes, who holds the most fabulous parties, what the latest fitness craze is, what celebs keep in their closet, what you should be doing, where and why.


I have a fantastic team of writers and a wonderful sub-editor, Jess, who work very hard to make sure y’all have a good time (let’s see if Jess edits out the y’all, I’m still trying to work out if i can pull it off). We are all of the philosophy that you should make the most of what you have, and Melbourne has A LOT. I never understood the saying ‘when life hands you lemons’ … lemons rock! mind you I have a lot of them right now and I have to learn how to juggle and multi task quick sticks, either that or just buy a massive bottle of tequila.



I like to imagine that the launch of the new Couturing will be like your wedding day, the happiest day of your life!



followed by an exciting honeymoon, seven good years of marriage and for statistics sake- a messy divorce which sees you leaving us for someone younger and us getting botox and buying a cat. Kidding! we’ll be happy together forever like Allie and Noah (Notebook ref!) or my grandparents (as pictured).


I’m looking forward to our new life together lovelies, please let us know if you have any super requests for the new site because y’all are gorgeous and we’d do anything for you.


Bree x



About The Author

Bree Turner

Before becoming Couturing’s Lifestyle Editor, Bree was a country kid turned Melburnian, theatre maker and world traveller. Her love for writing stemmed from excessive emails sent home whilst travelling which then developed into blogs. She also dabbled in creative and review writing whilst studying a Bachelor of Performing Arts at Monash University. Bree is in the midst of an epic love affair with Melbourne, her screen play ‘when Bree met Melbourne’ is rumoured to of been picked up by no one, and in her dreams Melbourne will be played by Ryan Gosling and Bree will play herself.

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