Tuesday was a fantastic day for celebrating. Not only did the temperature make its way into the sunny 20s for the first time in what seems like forever, on that same lovely evening, Channel 10 makeup artist, Antoinette Bekos, launched her very own product line AB Makeup. Years of experience and research have gone into the makeup range, backed up by the newest technologies. The AB Makeup line is aimed at your everyday woman and your makeup professional alike, its wearability and ease for consumers takes all the difficulty out of choosing the right products for you and your skin tone.



The clean and concise range proves that Antoinette’s knowledge of makeup is extensive and that she does in fact know what women require for their makeup bags, even when they don’t themselves. The mineral-based range consists of Liquid Foundation, ($41), Primer, ($31), Concealer, ($27), Powder Foundation, ($37), Bronzer, ($31), Lipsticks, ($27), Lip Liners and Pencils, ($17), and fabulous Lip Glosses, ($23). One of the more amazing aspects of the range are the beautiful brushes which are made from the finest natural goat hair ($23-$27).

The intimate occasion was held at Las Chicas Cafe-Restaurant in Carlisle St Balaclava, a very popular breakfast location (It’s almost impossible to get a table on a weekend). The lovely waiters served drinks and guests enjoyed delicious cupcakes from Cupcake Central, macarons from Little Feat and platters of sushi and other finger food. Many of Antoinette’s friends and Channel Ten colleagues came out to support the makeup range to which many are already truly converted. From people who have used and know the product, the consensus was that it couldn’t be raved about enough. In celebration of Antionette’s launch we asked some of her faithful and supportive friends and colleagues from Channel 10 what they thought of the range, and what they were carrying in their makeup bags right now.



We were introduced to the lovely Helen Kapalos, from Melbourne’s Channel 10 News, who looked stunning in floral prints. When we asked what her favourite products were from the range, she couldn’t settle at just one. “The primer is fabulous and my absolute favourite. The concealer is amazing too, long lasting and the colours are great for my skin. You know concealers are always such a tricky thing.” It seems to us Antoinette has nailed it. “The best bit about the range is that Antoinette has got all the tricky areas for women down pat.” When asked what was in Helen’s makeup bag, she answered the red lipstick, which was also a favourite. “It’s a texture thing” she says, “I don’t have to use much and the makeup is so wearable and feels great.”

Gorgi Coghlan, from Channel Ten’s The Circle  and The Project, shares the same sentiments. Her favourite is also the Primer, which she says is “amazingly smooth”. Natalie loves the foundations and spoke to us of being a busy working mum, like a lot of the other women she works with. “As someone who can be slack with makeup, I’m sometimes lucky to put on a moisturiser at night. The makeup is simple, whether your a mum or not”. Natalie talks of mornings when she would arrive early to Channel Ten “looking appalling” (although we doubt it) and Antionette would “transform” her. “She is a beautiful makeup artist and has taught me a lot. It takes me a lot to purchase new products, I have been using the same products for 19 years, but [AB Makeup makes looking good] achievable and easy”.

Anjali Rao, also from Channel Ten’s The Project, says that the eyeshadows are her “go-to” products from the range. “Antoinette does this amazing smokey eye on me using a blue-black from her range. It is smokey but not scary, just hot!” She claims, “I love that I can be this funky disco-diva or have this beautiful natural look. It’s quick and easy and I love the mineral base products they have a beautiful finish and are brilliant for the skin.” It was clear that Anjali was very happy that the rest of Australia will soon be loving AB Makeup as much as she is. ” She is such a wicked chick. I am very happy for her”.


Antoinette’s makeup range AB Makeup is available online at ab-makeup.com and will soon be released in stores.



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Georgia Walsh is a Melbourne based make-up artist, who is passionate about making women look and feel gorgeous through good practices of skincare and of course the art of makeup application. Georgia specialises in photographic, film and beauty makeup and her training and experience enables her to create a flawless look time after time. www.georgiawalshmakeup.com

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