Westfield Partners With Fashion Bloggers For Spring/Summer 2012

Westfield launched the Spring/Summer fashion season in style by partnering with five leading fashion bloggers to create the funky ‘The Electric Lounge’ at Westfield Doncaster on Thursday 30th August.


Inspired by the theme ‘Westfield is my fashion playground’ the bloggers created videos or still-shoots featuring fashion from leading Australian and international designers available at Westfield. Using key Spring/Summer trends they each created a number of looks, with one outfit selected for display in futuristic neon light boxes in the lounge.


The five fashion bloggers selected to participate in this first for Westfield were Claire Fabb, of StyleByYellowButton.com; Liam Mckessar, creator of FrontRowSuit.com; Alexandra Spencer, model and editor of 4thandBleekerBlog.Blogspot.com; Sarah Willcocks of StyleMelbourne.com, and Phoebe Montague, editor of ladymelbourne.com.


With cool neon lights, on-trend fashion and springtime flowers decorating the energetic lounge, the initiative “recognizes how bloggers have become part of the fashion landscape,” says John Batisch, Director of Marketing Westfield. Guests were invited to view the bloggers creations and chat to Phoebe Montague and Sarah Willcocks, who were on hand to talk fashion, blogging and their favorite Spring/Summer trends.


With a sleek beehive hairdo and cat eye make-up, Phoebe Montague looked just like her icon Lana Del Rey, which was evident in her 60s inspired outfit. Montague said of her display, which is head-to-toe Oroton, “I wanted it to look like I was on a cruise,” it was inspired by “1960s glamour and luxe.” She favored “silk, lots of gold, and lots of hardware for the accessories.” Montague explains, “The theme for this is ‘playground,’ and shopping is a playground for me.” Her tips for Spring/Summer include: glamorous yet comfortable ensembles, vibrant tanginess, colour blocking and pops of neon.



Sarah Willcocks’ outfit incorporates other great Spring/Summer trends, combining an Arthur Galan blazer in the tribal print “which is really in at the moment,” with a “great little pop of colour in the Country Road tank,” and a country road striped pencil skirt. Wearing a beautiful lavender floral Nevenka maxi dress, rose gold Mimco necklace, and some Betts shoes with a hint of pastel mint, her tip for summer is, “Lots of colour.” She suggests, “if you’re not a girly pastel kind of girl, go for the hardcore neons. [And] If it’s not suiting you so much, just keep it away from your face and incorporate it in an accessory, on a shoe, even just piping, and you’ll look fabulous!” Willcocks’ key Spring/Summer looks include neon, mixed prints, clashing patterns, rose gold, tribal patterns and sports luxe.



You can check out all the collaborations of ‘The Electric Lounge’ online, or you can experience the fashion, art and fun, and relax in the inviting lounge in-store at Westfield Doncaster in Melbourne or Westfield Bondi Junction in Sydney, from 30th August until 14th September.


Images by Claire Story

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Claire Story is a freelance fashion, culture and lifestyle writer based in Melbourne. Claire studied at Melbourne University, graduating from a Bachelor of Arts in 2010. She then went on to study a Postgraduate Diploma in Arts (Editing and Communication) at Melbourne University, which she completed in November 2011. Since then she has started a career in journalism regularly contributing to Fjorde magazine, Karamel magazine, Balance Online, Broadsheet, and Couturing. Her interests are fashion, culture, nightlife and music.

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