One of Melbourne’s summer traditions is the annual Suzuki Night Market, held every Wednesday evening during the warmer months, finishing up on the 27th of February 2013. This iconic Melbourne market is not only unique because it’s showcased under the stars but also because of  nearly 200 variety stalls and the live entertainment that is on offer.

The live entertainment component of this market is what sets it apart from the rest. Every week, new and exciting artists and bands play sweet tunes for you whilst you browse through the market stalls under the stars.

If you decide that you want to visit the market on a Wednesday evening, here is a little calendar with our favourite live entertainment acts.

Wednesday 12th December           

Labjacd – 6:20pm and 9:10pm

This 9 piece Melbourne based band have graced the stages of some iconic events across the world including the Falls Festival and Live en Aout in New Caledonia. Their style touches on numerous genres but their sound is largely hip hop/roots focused, complimenting the vibe of this market perfectly. Labjacd is considered to be one of the best live acts to come out of Australia, so don’t miss this opportunity to see them play (for FREE!).

Wednesday 19th December

Lamine Sonko & the African Intelligence6:20pm and 9:10pm

Lamine Sonko is a singer and dancer from Senegal in West Africa who fronts the funky band African Intelligence. This band spices up traditional reggae with a bit of salsa, making for an incredibly fun and entertaining performance that will get you moving.

Wednesday 2nd January

The Bongo Brothers

This trio’s performance is entertainment in its most pure form. The Bongo Brothers are a theatrical-music-comedy-trio who perform for family audiences and always get a crowd hysterically laughing. Although their target audience is predominantly families with children, it is amusing for anyone at any age to see 3 fully grown men banging bongos outfitted in stars, stripes and sequins, and singing songs.

Check out their performance clips on their website


Wednesday 16th January

Lily and King

Local Melbourne musicians Lily and King are a quirky acoustic duo who aim to make music using all of their limbs at the one time – an interesting concept that is visually captivating when you see how many different instruments they are able to simultaneously use. Lily (Lisa Baird) plays the trombone, toy piano, percussion and sings. King (Troy King) plays the double bass, guitar, foot drums and sings too. Whilst this may sound like a recipe for disaster, the duo produce beautifully intimate music through the combination of their instruments and their voices. This act is a must see!


For a full list of the live entertainment showing at the Sukuzi Night Market throughout the summer, visit:

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