Christmas lunch with the family- your mid-season tan is glowing, you’ve bought a beautiful summer dress and have found a pair shoes to match. Just when you think you’ve got it all sorted, you’re faced with every woman’s eternal dilemma- push-up bra or no push-up bra? How much cleavage is too much cleavage?

Charlotte Dawson, media personality and judge of Australia’s Next Top Model, took to the streets for Pleasure State to find out what woman classify as ‘Cleavagely Correct’. Charlotte chats to Couturing about customising your cleavage with Pleasure State, how much to bare at the office Christmas party and occasions that require a little more ‘va va voom’.


GEMMA: Why do you think it’s important for women to have the power to customise their level of cleavage?

CHARLOTTE: Different levels of cleavage suit certain fashions & situations, its very much like having the choice of how high your heels are to suit an outfit of choice or how long/short your hemline is.


GEMMA: The Pleasure State survey has revealed that Australian women believe only a minimal cleavage is ‘cleavagely correct’ on their first day at a new job. Why do women shy away from “va va voom” in an office environment?

CHARLOTTE: I think most people would save the va va voom for more social activities than the work place!  Having said than I know a woman who is well known in the Sydney fashion retail market and her trademark for work is massive cleavage, but that might not be so suitable in another environment.


GEMMA: A hint of visible bra strap- cheeky or tacky?

CHARLOTTE: Sometimes its unavoidable because of the garments you are wearing, the great thing about these bras is that they also convert to cross over so you can wear racer back tops and singlet top styles without showing the strap.


GEMMA: Bumping into an ex can be bitterly uncomfortable. 61% of women said they’d opt for a push-up bra if they knew they’d be running into an old flame. Do you think a bit of a “boost” can alter a woman’s confidence?

CHARLOTTE: If a woman feels sexy or confident because of what she’s wearing and how she’s presenting herself that can be very empowering.

GEMMA: Once upon a time, women were to show off either their cleavage or their legs- never both. Is this still the case?

CHARLOTTE: I think women have the right to express themselves however they want especially when it comes to fashion. I think rules have been applied and broken so often that it is now about personal choice.


GEMMA: The survey has revealed that 52% of women believe some cleavage enhancement is acceptable at the office Christmas party, while 48% believe natural cleavage is correct. Where do you sit on this one? Why do you think the results are so close?

CHARLOTTE: My opinion on this is whatever makes the person feel comfortable, maybe at the office Christmas party some people like to celebrate and show themselves in a social environment, so they are stepping out of their office attire for that particular occasion.

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