In a true celebration of the beauty of women, the charismatic Cindy Newstead took the stage for Style Review Spring Summer 2012, held at Leonda by the Yarra. The informative styling event presented a number of new seasons’ looks from noted labels including Alannah Hill, Trenery and Cue. But this energetic and eye opening event went further that just a showcase of clothing—it showed women who can look amazing when they know how to really dress.



The night of elegance and sophistication accurately represented the styling instructions Newstead wished to instill. From Ultra Ceuticals Skin Care to Curvy Kate, the businesses on display were hand picked for their quality and style, whilst Newstead herself was the essence of charm and elegance. Humorously, she took great pleasure in joking with the hapless husbands of her models as she explain exactly what they had bought, and alluded to the price.


Every woman has the right to feel beautiful in her own skin, however not many know how this is achieved. The quintessential point that Newman continuously returned to is the need to dress for your shape. If you are as lucky as model Sam, with a perfect hourglass figure, then style begins with highlighting your waist. However when edging into a pear shape, try to balance your outfit. Bulking up a part of your body that is already large will cause a disproportionate appearance; so try a dress that flares from the waist. The inverted triangle involves the same rule, though try elongating the body with shoulder pads and cinch the waist to create a curved appearance.



With the Spring Carnival in full swing, certain purchases need to be made. The basic rules apply; black and white for Derby Day, colours for Oaks, but remember to stay true to your shape. Interestingly, Newstead points out that full-length dresses are an OK racing garment, while fascinators are not necessary. To elaborate on the latter point, when deciding on a hat or fascinator be aware of the accessories you already have. You don’t want to over complicate your outfit. Newstead eloquently points out that an outfit can be made elegant with the addition of accessories. A necklace can ramp up an old outfit, or even change its tone. Depending on the outfit, how you accessorize it can transform an outfit with the seasons. A trip to Diva or Colette may not be such a bad idea after all!


Along with how to progress once you have found your body shape, Newstead described methods of discovering what styles suit your body. “Your wardrobe is your learning closet”, Newstead explains. You need to look at failures, and then get rid of them. Try dressing in an outfit you feel looks awful, and then work out why. Are the proportions wrong? Does is highlight features you wish it wouldn’t? Now base your proceeding purchases on your findings.



The aim of Cindy Newstead is to make women feel comfortable in their own skin. All women want to change parts of their bodies, even celebrities. Why else would they continually undergo surgery? Newstead pleads that women need to feel good about themselves and embrace who they are. Begin by putting effort into your outfit each day. Do your hair differently; wear make-up, PUT ON make-up. “If you do something that makes you feel good, your day will be good”, Newstead explains. Try putting the effort in and you will feel the results!


Images courtesy of Nicholas Brennan

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