One of my greatest pleasures in my day is my skincare routine. Especially my nightly one. There are few things that feel as great as grabbing the Creoline and a cotton pad or your favourite cleanser at the end of a long day and removing the mask to reveal fresh clean skin. My personal luxury is every night before bed to indulge in a hot shower or bath and pop on my super soft and cosy pajama’s, hair up in ‘top-knot’ and slather my washed face with the most gorgeous rich, luxurious, nourishing and repairing products that my skin needs. Now it may not be as thrilling as dropping a few on a new Chanel, but this little nightly routine makes me feel like a million dollars and who wouldn’t want that?

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You will need a night cream that will help repair and rejuvenate damaged skin whilst you sleep. Night creams are particularly good for those looking to target the early signs of ageing, or mature skin because you can go for a heavier more luxurious cream. Key ingredients to look for in your nightly creams are antioxidants to neutralise free radicals, peptides to help increase the productions of collagen and elastin, and hyaluronic acid to help deliver water deep into the skin.

For your very own ‘Sleeping Beauty’ experience, here are my personal favourite creams.

Aspect SMC (Super Moisturising Complex) $77

I am currently using this cream morning and night, and am loving it. Aspect SMC is designed for dry or mature skin, or skin that needs a little hydrating. My skin is on the dryer side so I can use this for day also. However, if your skin doesn’t need that much hydration or gets oily during the day, skip it and just bathe in it’s glory as a night cream. This cream has a bunch of really cool ingredients including, Stem Cell Extracts, peptides (which we know are fab), Hyaluronic Acid (very crucial), Canadian Willow Herb, Sea Buckthorn Fruit oil and a bunch of other crazy sounding things. It’s important to know that this moisturiser has improved the over all look and feel of my skin in just a few short weeks of usage. This one is a keeper.

SkinMedica TNS Eye Repair $134

Another gem. Currently my eye cream of choice. I have used many other eye creams on my fine lines and never has one plumped them out so much, and the winning factor is they stay plumped all day and have also improved with time. Again, great for normal to dry skin. This product hydrates the targeted eye area thoroughly and makes skin soft, plump and moisturised. For the price, you get a decent amount of this lovely thick cream, and you only need half a pea for both eyes. Use this before your night cream so all the lovely ingredients get soaked up into your skin, and then apply your night cream of choice. This cream can be used morning and night if you need it, but if your skin gets oily, save for your princess moment at night time.


Chantecaille Biodynamic Lifting Neck Cream $214

This lovely product is targeted exclusively for the neck. This product feels incredible and does tighten and hydrate the area of the neck and decolletage which makes it appear firmer and more youthful. So that’s a win for me.

Bumble & Bumble Hairdressers Invisible Oil $49

This is such a wonderful leave-in oil styling product. It leaves hair silky smooth and is fantastic to run through hair before styling. I like to even pop a bit on my ends and tie hair up before bed which is a great way to give hair some extra health and hydration whilst you sleep. Best part is, when you take hair out the next morning it’s soft and shiny and easier to style. Give this one a go!

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Now that we have our bases covered, from neck and chest to the top of your head, it’s time to lay back and relax whilst you let these amazing products do their job. If your aren’t a millionaire or a celebrity, doesn’t matter. Now you can feel like one!!

Aspect and SkinMedica can be bought from any good skin clinic. For stockists try online for Skin Medica at or for Aspect brand call: 1800648851

Chantecaille and Bumble & Bumble can be bought from most Mecca Stores and online at

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Georgia Walsh

Georgia Walsh is a Melbourne based make-up artist, who is passionate about making women look and feel gorgeous through good practices of skincare and of course the art of makeup application. Georgia specialises in photographic, film and beauty makeup and her training and experience enables her to create a flawless look time after time.