Simone Pérèle presents ‘Diva’, a new style from the SS|13 collection, crafted in Italian silk and Calais lace.

Exquisite Calais lace and luxurious silk imprinted with a pearl design gives Diva its exceptional status. Large, intricate flowers are woven onto a backdrop of ultra-fine lace, creating a play of contrast that captivates the senses. Each flower is stitched so that its outer edges are slightly raised against the lace, creating a look of pure radiance.

Decadent scalloped lace is gently veiled over the skin. For a touch of elegance, Diva is adorned with a pattern of faceted pearls that dance across grey silk in a loose floral design, mimicking the lace. The pearls look almost three dimensional on the silk, for a style that glows with the radiance of a true diva.

Diva’s silk is made with Lycra to ensure curve-hugging fit and comfort. It is a naturally precious material that should be maintained with care.

Diva is refined and luxurious down to the smallest details: hidden seams create a smooth and flawless finish on the silk, delicate silk bows, perfect pleats… nothing is compromised.


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