The Shark Speed Style RapidGloss Finisher & High-Velocity Dryer is a game-changer. This is not just a standard hair dryer – there are so many  aspects of this dynamic power-house hair tool that make it a must have tool in your kit. Combining cutting-edge technology with sleek design, this multipurpose device delivers in spades and can help to reduce the amount of time you spend drying and styling your hair….all in one device. Having used it for over a month, I can’t imagine my routine without it!

What’s in the Box

Upon unboxing, you’ll find the Shark Speed Style RapidGloss Finisher & High-Velocity Dryer accompanied by a range of different attachments – the RapdiGloss Finisher, QuickSmooth Brush, Turbo Concentrator, Express Touchup Brush and the DefrizzFast Diffisuer. These accessories enhance the versatility of the device, catering to various styling preferences and hair types. Also, the User Manual which isn’t something I normally endorse in a review, includes helpful tips such as Cool Touch Locations for each of the attachments (so you don’t burn your hands) and styling tips for each attachment including the optimum settings for temperature and power.

Ease of Use
The dryer has intuitive controls and a lightweight design, ensuring effortless handling during styling sessions. Its ergonomic grip helps with easy movement around your head and the strategically placed buttons enable seamless adjustment of speed and temperature settings. Whether you’re a seasoned stylist or a novice enthusiast, you’ll appreciate the simplicity and user-friendly nature of this tool.

The attachments are easy to put on and there is a little LED light “IQ” that illuminates the styling attachment is connected and in use.

Drying Power
Equipped with a high-velocity motor, this dryer delivers unparalleled drying power, significantly reducing styling time. Its advanced airflow technology expedites moisture evaporation, drying hair quicker. Even thick hair like mine is mostly dried in a few minutes with the high-velocity dryer.


My Game Changer – the RapidGloss Finisher

The standout feature of the Shark Speed Style RapidGloss Finisher & High-Velocity Dryer is undoubtedly its RapidGloss Finisher. This innovative attachment infuses hair with a luminous shine and delivers a sleek straight style. The attachment attracts the hair and moving it slowly down the length of your hair, it imparts a smooth sheen to your hair. Whilst I have straight hair, after I dry my hair it is often quite frizzy and bouffy. With this attachment and just a few passes down my hair, it imparts a glossy sheen and smooth texture of my hair. Honestly made me look like I’d just stepped out of a salon and means I don’t have to wait for my hair to “settle” before heading out. Definitely the RapidGloss Finisher delivers salon-worthy results, quickly and easily in the comfort of your own home.

Top 5 Tricks for Styling with the Tool
1. Precision Styling with Concentrator Nozzle – allows you to target airflow, perfect for straightening hair or creating sleek, polished looks.
2. Cool Shot for Locking in Style – activating the cool shot feature can help to seal the hair cuticle, prolonging the longevity of your style and adding a glossy finish.
3. The Touchup Brush is your go-to for a quick wave – this attachment is super helpful if you want to create some subtle waves and texture in your hair through the ease and unique angle of the brush.
4. Experiment with Speed and Temperature Customize your styling experience by adjusting the speed and temperature settings according to your hair type and desired outcome, whether it’s a quick blowout or intricate styling.
5. The QuickSmooth Brush – create a sleek blowout with this brush by stretching out your hair and run the brush from the roots to the tip to create a smooth blow out.

The Shark Speed Style RapidGloss Finisher & High-Velocity Dryer is a must-have tool for anyone seeking effortless styling and impeccable results with minimal fuss. With its comprehensive features, ease of use, powerful drying capabilities, and transformative attachments for styling, it’s poised to become a staple in every hairstyling arsenal!

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Disclaimer: We received a sample from Shark to review and were not obligated to provide a review

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