In 2006, a small group seeking a cultural change and spiritual transformation set out on an expedition throughout India, marking the beginning of the personal well being travel company which stands today. Touch of Spirit Tours offer travellers from all walks of life the most rewarding and authentic journeys, with a focus on self-discovery, health and fulfillment.

The motivation behind the creation of the company was visiting India for the very first time. Visiting this ‘crazy, chaotic, wonderful Land of the Gods’ deeply affected the founders of Touch of Spirit Tours. As they describe their experience “The Indian people, with their patience, acceptance and aliveness, totally drew me in. I was very overwhelmed by my time in India and then the idea came to me that I could run tours that hopefully have a positive effect on others” states Mela Joy, founder.

Touch of Spirit Tours is a travelling health retreat, which sets it apart from other spiritual enlightenment and health wellbeing retreats. The tours offer patrons a valuable ‘body, mind and spirit’ education within the surrounds of India and its many wonders, providing a perfect stage for natural transformations to occur.

The significance of using India as the primary location for each tour was its amazing ‘wonder-filled’ travelling characteristics. Inducing a positive change within the founders of Touch of Spirit Tours, India left them feeling a better person. ‘More patient, humble and compassionate.’ India’s significance at enlightening Westerners comes from its functioning premise, that there is a spiritual mechanism operating underneath the surface of every person’s life. With the entire Indian population living on this premise it often positively influences travellers to the country as well.

Often after completing a Touch of Spirit Tour, patrons can often feel overwhelmed. As if they have just experienced something special and totally different from anything they could have imagined. As Mela describes, ‘India takes time to fully process and it can be hard to really explain it to others’.

Although there are so many good parts to the tours, as explained by its founders the best part of their tours are the internal changes induced within each person by the beautiful and authentic India experience. Covering a variety of locations, South India, North India and the Himalayas, Touch of Spirit Tours accept all those willing to take part. There is no need for prior knowledge or spirituality. Though an open mind is more than beneficial.

For those looking to take part in a tour you can expect ‘an authentic, inspirational and heart-warming experience’.


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