Life can get busy. Between work, family commitments, catching up with friends and exercise, the health of your eyes can often be neglected. Particularly in this day an age when most of us spend hours a day looking at a computer screen, it’s important to get your eyes checked every two years.

OPSM take the stress out of eye checks with their exclusive eye technology. Their experienced and friendly professionals take the time to talk you through each test, and their exclusive technology means selecting frames just got a whole lot easier.

Digital Retinal Scan

Now optometrists can not only look at your eye, but they now have the technology to take a detailed 30 to 45 degree photograph of the back of your eye to check its general condition, and help detect issues with vision, eye health and other potential health matters.

Ultra Wide Digital Retinal Scan

Exclusive to OPSM, the Optos Daytona Ultra WIde Digital Retinal Scan means your optometrist can scan 4 times as wide as a standard retinal scan which means you can get more information to look after your eye health.

Optical Coherence Tomography Scan Unique 3D Scan

This technology gives your optometrist a 3D look at your eye which is fantastic for those with a history of serious eye health problems.



Ever gone to look for a pair of new glasses but found it difficult to pick a style? OPSM’s ACCUFIT technology takes the difficulty out of searching for new frames. Firstly, the technology’s Virtual Mirror takes photos of your in as many different styles as you like. You are then able to compare up to four styles at a time, from whatever angle you decide. It’s amazing how this can make a difference, particularly as people who require prescription glasses won’t be able to see themselves clearly if they are trying on new pairs!


The better lens technology simulates different lenses and lens coatings so you can pick the best one for you. The ACCFIT Fit Sensor helps improve the way frames are fitted to your face. It attaches to your frames to ensure the precise measurements of your face and eyes.


So don’t leave it any longer, book an appointment with the friendly team at OPSM now and make sure you look after the health of your eyes.

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