Congratulations on the success of Entrecôte! It has become one of Melbourne’s hottest new restaurants. Why do you think Melbournians have embraced Entrecôte?

Thanks very much.

I think the building has a lot to do with Entrecôte’s success – it’s beautiful, old and has so much character. It really fits the cuisine well. Also, I think that being able to go to a restaurant already knowing what you would like eases a lot of menu anxiety for people; being able to arrive have delicious steak frites and a glass of red every time.

Having been to Entrecôte, I really enjoyed the simplicity of the menu and really enjoyed my steak. What should you look for when choosing steak? 

At a restaurant I always look for the origin of the beef. If the restaurant is buying from a local producer you know you are in good hands.

At a butcher or supermarket I would always pick something with a lot of intramuscular fat (marbling). That fat is going to mean flavour and tenderness!

What is your favourite cut of steak?

It depends on the dish. If I’m cooking a steak, I’m cooking rib eye. If I’m cooking a barbeque, I like doing a cut with a lot of connective tissue or collagen that’s going to break down over a long period of time making that delicious pulled beef dish.

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How best should you cook your steak? Griddle pan, grill, bbq?

All of those options are good! Here are my tips:

  • Bring steak to room temperature;
  • Apply oil salt and pepper;
  • Get the coking surface as hot as you can;
  • Sear on both sides for desired cook (rare, medium, well done);
  • You HAVE to let your steak rest, – it’s the most important part. It needs to be rested for as long as you can hold out!


You’re helping to judge the 2015 Pepperjack Battle of the Steaks competition and also judging an at-home version of the battle. How can people get involved with the at-home battle? What are you going to be looking for, when judging home cooks?

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I’m looking for a point of difference, a unique cooking method and something that looks delicious!

What kind of wine works well with steak?

The bolder style of red always works well! A shiraz or cabernet are the perfect match! Pepperjack wines have a range of wines for specific cuts of steak, which are delicious and foolproof.

Hopkins River Beef is synonymous in Australia with exceptional quality beef products. Tell us a bit about what makes Hopkins River beef special?

Thanks very much! We are a locally grown and raised, we specialise in Black Angus steers free of growth promotants. Our steers graze under the Grampians, as we are in a high level of rainfall we have good feed on the ground that is high in nutrients. We believe in ethically reared and raised animals. If your animals live a stress free and happy life you are always going to end up with a good product.

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