With no surprise, New York Fashion Week has shown the world new and incredible fashions with amazing nail trends to compliment . A-class nail company essie worked around the clock to achieve perfect looks and colours to compliment each outfit to its greatest potential.

From beautiful neutral shades including ‘sand tropez’ and ‘mademoiselle’, to striking bold colours, each look shone its brilliance on the catwalk.

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Lisa Perry’s futuristic collection was complimented with a striking silver shade ‘no place like chrome’.

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Emerson’s runway was filled with dark fabrics and slashed cut outs which were complimented with shades ‘licorice’ and ‘lilacism’. Using these shades, Essie created a nail design that was edgy and striking to the eye. To create this look, V-shaped pieces of painters tape were placed horizontally on the nail. A coat of lilacism was placed on the bottom half of the nail and a coat of liquorice on the top.

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DKNY’s collection was filled with urban street influences. Grey cement and concrete shades were the star of this show with unexpected pops of colour. Essie took a different approach to its manicure. After a layer of ‘blanc’ dried, ‘smoking hot’ was applied leaving a thin wide arch around the entire base of the nail.

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Opening Ceremony’s line was complimented with ‘aruba blue’ nails. This complimented the sequins, greys and forest green shades of the collection. Nail art was the key to this unique look, with the lacquer applied on an angle of each nail except the pinky nail. This look was completed with a top coat of ‘good to go’.

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New York Fashion Week was filled with so many other shades including ‘bahama mama’ and ‘midnight cami’ that joined forces for Rebecca Minkoff’s collection A unique twist on a French manicure was taken for the rich fabric infused collection. After two coats of ‘bahama mama’, a layer of ‘midnight cami’ was placed at the tip of the nail just like a manicure.

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A range of shades and designs were on show in New York this fashion season with more to come all year round. essie’s collection can be purchased at Priceline and leading pharmacies nationwide, so you too can enjoy the looks of New York Fashion Week!

Images courtesy of essie

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