Looking for a fuss free, affordable way to get the perfect manicure? Then say hello to nail strips.  These strips are perfect for those who love nail art but are time constrained.

Couturing has gathered the best of the best, with these brands being among the most effective on the nail strip market.










Sally Hansen 

Sally Hansen nail strips are made from real nail polish, giving wearer’s the same glossy effect without the hassle of painting. One of the best parts about the strips is you don’t need to wait for your nails to dry! Expect your manicure to last up to ten days or remove it simply with nail polish remover. There are 37 different strip styles in the collection giving wearer’s plenty of options for striking nails! Sally Hansen’s designs include flowers, a lace pattern, leopard print, pink shimmer and tartan, just to name a few.










Sephora by OPI nail strips
OPI is renowned for its quality nail polish and now also offers a variety of nail strips for both fingers and toes. OPI real lacquer strips are created from solid-film material with an adhesive back. They are long lasting, require no drying time and can be removed with nail polish remover. Each pack includes a set of 16 strips. OPI offers a variety of colours including sparkly blues, black, silver and eclectic shape patterns.












Kit Cosmetics nail strips
Kit Cosmetics provides unique custom designs ranging from floral shades, tropical print and purple glitter to lace and love heart patterns. They also require no drying time and are smudge proof creating a flawless manicure.

Kit nail strips last up to five days and are easy to apply to filed nails. For an extra glossy look, the Kit top coat should be applied over the strips. These Tropicana, summer inspired strips will leave you with unique fashion forward nails in no time.


Images courtesy of Sally Hansen, OPI, Mel’s makeup Emporium

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