Queen Bey. Constantly on the pulse of pop culture and all that defines us. Beyonce is a woman full of surprises- her ability to ignite change within the music and fashion industries has made her a cultural icon.

Maintaining her reputation as a woman of mystery, Beyonce hit us with the surprise release of her music video “7/11” after two new tracks off her “Beyonce Platinum” box set surfaced online.
The video features a less “done up”, more candid version of the Queen than we’re used to. Naturally, Beyonce has managed to put our home lives to shame, making our daggy at home ensembles look decidedly basic in comparison to her lounge get-up. Reinventing loungewear for the everyman, we’ve broken down Beyonce’s take on Casual Friday dressing and shown you how to appropriate some 7/11 style outside of the home.. Turns out matching flannelette pyjamas aren’t trending anymore- who knew?

Beyonce 7/11 outfit 1Beyonce eases us into things, commencing her 7/11 proceedings wearing an oversized “KALE’ printed jumper teamed with animal printed undergarments and black knee pads- the latter being the first hint at a “sports luxe” theme to appear throughout the clip (although in this case we’re talking less “luxe”, more… underwear?). If Beyonce performed this hypnotic dance sequence in, say, an embellished leotard, there would be no way we would consider these moves at home. The inclusion of an oversized sweater, however, has us thinking “Hey! Beyonce is just like us! We could do this!”. Unfortunately, we can’t move like that. Nobody can. But the thought is there. Thanks, Bey!

Beyonce 7/11 outfit 2
We move on to Beyonce’s interpretation of one of our favourite trends- white on white. In a crop and track pants, Beyonce looks infinitely more classy than Miley Cyrus as she indulges in an at-home twerk session. Perhaps the all-white garb has us associating Beyonce with purity? Maybe not, but we are all about this dance move and outfit combo. The later inclusion of a hairdryer to this routine has us feeling “wind-machine glamorous hair” is attainable in the comfort of our own homes.
Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 7.01.01 PM
How to add femininity to a pair of desert boots? Get those gams out ladies. While we wouldn’t recommend replicating this exact outfit out of the house, Beyonce does teach us an important lesson on playing with proportions and working accessories back to suit us. Teaming a slouchy baseball inspired top with something slinky on the bottom will give you instant Bey cred in no time.
Beyonce 7/11 outfit 4
A fur coat adds a touch of luxe to any ensemble- from a classic LBD to Beyonce grey on grey undergarment choice. We’ve interpreted this look as a “play on textures”. Team a lavish texture with a great cotton piece for a paired-back approach to glamour.
Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 7.21.52 PM
This season’s matching crop top and longline skirt combo? Got it covered. Bey teamed these white lace pieces, possibly our favourite look of the clip, with an oversized hoodie and a cap we can only assume belongs to Jay.
Beyonce 7/11 outfit 6
Beyonce’s may have unknowingly covered all of our favourite party season trends, rounding things out with her play on clashing prints. Upping the anti with gold chains a’plenty, hoop earrings and embellished headgear, Beyonce’s look Playboy sweater and comic printed pants combo are both a print clash and a throwback to the 90s. Beyonce layers her trends loud and proud.
Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 7.28.08 PM
We conclude our Beyonce “7/11” outfit breakdown with an example of festive dressing down oh so right. While we can’t all get away with quoting our own song lyrics on our Christmas sweaters (mostly because none of us are successful recording artists), we’re happy to take Beyonce’s cake mantra with us as we navigate our Christmas lunch. The woman even makes a slogan sweater look good- all hail the Queen.

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