The MSFW Student Runway showcased a dynamic feast for the eyes, with young designers paving the way for experimental fashion that pushed the boundaries.



Ella McIlvena, Johanna Howe and Alexander Batsis blazed the catwalk with their homages to futuristic dedign –  holograms, white bodysuits with cheeky cutouts (a la 5th element) and lilac aluminium like material eluminated the stage.


Colour blocking

Colour blocking remained a staple with Lauren Cray and her white flowing silk, cutouts, and layers; Victoria Thaniotis who showcased grey and white with orange accents; and Talisa Trantino with her red velvet with prints and white structured forms. Leea Menkhorsst created an Isle of White aesthetic with her modern Grecian goddesses, who graced the catwalk with long flowing lengths revealing short pieces underneath.


Black leather

Tyrone Susman utilized black leather to create a bikie chic look, with silver studs and metallic spine embellishments. Kaila Baccalao opted for an Arabian nights look with a modern edge – intricate head pieces and elegant trimmings were teamed with bold black leather and gold geometric patterns.



Laura Sestito showcased monochrome prints and colour blocking in black and white. Standouts were Alanna Barca’s tulip petal-like shoulders for her structured jacket, and Yan Wang’s use of checkerboards and chevron, giving an optical illusion wonderland for viewers.



Elegance was a sure sight thanks to Marco Agosta  and Molly Younger. Agosta featured red, black, blue and white to create a mix of past and present with elegant form and modern shaping, intricate beaded headpieces framing the face and eyes. Younger created a Breakfast At Tiffany’s meets 2013 look with cream and grey, a bit of midriff, elbow length gloves,  and stuctured pieces with soft-coloured prints on sheers and silks.


Wearable art

True wearable art pieces by way of Gracia Phang, Gabrielle Broan, Esther Gauntlet and Cathy Lai Wa Yuen were also brought to stage. Phang’s delicate construction of wool and other material created pieces on the models that draped their necks and flowed down their hips and legs in artistic excess. Brown’s work was almost architectural, with contrast achieved by soft crepe voile and rigid structured material. Gauntlet showed a more experimental edge with dip-dyed blue gowns and collars literally dripping with gold. Yuen’s intricate cut-out patterns and 3d emboss like forms on jackets remained center stage with her simple palette.



Viewers were taken back to the 80s with Lucie Rosenberg’s retro look with a modern twist, featuring bright poppy colours, boxy forms and broad shoulders, accented with bondage like head pieces that covered the face. Jack Leeson’s 80s ice skater girl from the future showcased pastel and candy colours, flouncy skirts with layers, gold and silver beading and sheer layers.



Hannah Canham’s collection of elegant mixture of textures, grey fur and flowing material, were further extenuated with interesting headpieces that featured black strips of lightweight black plastic-like material to create an eastern like hat with a twist. Dara Ing’s menswear collection took a futuristic stance, showcasing light up headpieces and hologram embellished clothing.

Images courtesy of Emily Gunawan

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