Heading backstage to catch a glimpse of MSFW Designer Runway 4, Couturing takes note of emerging hair and makeup trends for summers’ festival season.


Inspired by the boho-chic style of festival goers, Hair Director Kevin Murphy and his renowned team of Session.Stylists created a wavy, relaxed hairdo perfect for the runway.


“The idea behind the look is a young girl who puts her hair up at the beginning of a festival but as the day goes by she lets her hair go,” said Kevin Murphy.

Featuring a soft-wave effect along one side of the face worked effortlessly with the contemporary designs shown by the ten brands showcased on Friday night.

Kevin takes us through seven simple steps to recreate the look;

STEP1 – Prime the hair with STAYING.ALIVE to create shine and even out the porosity of the hair

STEP2 – Prep the hair with a middle part and loosely braid the hair

Designer Runway 4 - Hair

STEP3 – Once braided then prep the hair with ANTI.GRAVITY Spray and dry into the hair and leave to cool

STEP4 – Undo the braid and make a low side part

STEP5 – Back brush the roots of the hair using a SMOOTHING.BRUSH and run your fingers over to smooth

KEVINmurphy hair

STEP6 – Take a generous section of the top layer of hair, gather to one side and secure with an elastic band and flip the hair around to create the roll

STEP7 – Finish the hair with POWDER.PUFF to create some volume and texture on the top.



Making a fashion statement of its own was the makeup created by Mecca Cosmetica professionals exclusively for the show.


Led by a team of professionals backstage, Mecca Cosmetica debuted a new ‘Melbourne-girl’ signature look. Incorporating the street style trend from the ten designers presenting, Mecca kept the look minimalistic with attention to detail around the eyes.

“It’s nice and fresh; really pretty and youthful but with that Melbourne edgy girl,” a spokesperson for Mecca Cosmetica said.

A strong contoured face and sheen base polished off the look.

KM MSFW 4 (2)

Information on Kevin Murphy products can be found at www.kevinmurphy.com.au and Mecca Cosmetica atwww.meccacosmetica.com.au

Images by MSFWtv


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