Mossgreen’s Spring Party, in celebration of the gallery and auction house’s 10 year anniversary promised to be a lavish affair and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

Having spent the afternoon with a friend, dolling ourselves up suitably for such an illustrious event, we made our way to Armadale. By way of imposing a one drink limit on myself I opted to drive us there, a tactical move given that the evening was hosted in conjunction with Champagne Pommery and I am partial to a glass or five of bubbles when the occasion calls for it.


The gallery itself is split into two floors, when we arrived we milled around the ground floor appreciating the incredible artwork which adorned every wall – as you would expect at a gallery of Mossgreen’s prestige. We also appreciated sampling the Peter Rowland Summer menu, certified organic and featuring a completely whimsical (and delicious) edible garden.


After tasting more of the menu than was strictly necessary for research purposes; we made our way up the flower garlanded staircase to where the real party was in full swing. The space upstairs is absolutely huge, so it’s no small thing that it was completely packed with Melbourne’s best and finest, enjoying music by DJ Lucille Croft. Unveiled on the evening was the gorgeous painting Mrs McCubbin Picking Blossoms’ by Australian artist Fred McCubbin, this serene and contemplative artwork is expected to fetch a whopping $1.2m at auction on Tuesday.


Mossgreen is a must visit for any Melbourne art lover – but for the less cultured (or more hungry) among us the Mossgreen Tearooms – operated by Peter Rowland Gold, serve high tea seven days a week as well as breakfast and lunch. For tearoom reservations phone 03 9508 8850 or email, and to see what’s on at Mossgreen visit

Images by Anthony Licuria

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