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Mecca Cosmetica is well known for offering exclusive beauty events for those who take makeup seriously and they certainly delivered with personalised workshops with James Boehmer, the Director of Global Artistry from NARS and a Mecca artist.

The NARS beauty event solely relied on products from the brand to create a complete beauty look from start to finish. Boehmer proved himself to be resourceful, creative and have a definite eye for style through creating each individual makeup look. He was able to look at participant’s faces and highlight what he found to be intriguing about them, amplifying this with makeup.

For my individual NARS beauty look, Boehmer chose to emphasise a strong brow and draw attention to my lips. The director went for this specific look as he believes brows to be one of the most important features of the face and the only thing that can completely change the way you look. Detailing makeup in different cultures, he spoke of the way brows are made up in Japanese theatre shows to differentiate between characters. He explained that extending the brow line adds new dimensions to the face and makes the eyes pop!


The NARS philosophy emphasises the importance of light and luminescence. My beauty routine began with prepping the skin with Light Optimising Primer designed to make the skin appear radiant and extend the wear of foundation. The Mecca artist then applied the new Cream Foundation in Siberia using a wet sponge to create a luminous base to the skin. This foundation feels weightless and can be built up from light to medium coverage. To help create a flawless appearance, Radiant Creamy Concealer was dabbed onto any blemishes and lines under the eyes.

To set the foundation and cement the glowing base, Light Reflecting Setting Powder was dusted over the face. To add some warmth to the skin, the Mecca artist interestingly used Alhambra duo eyeshadow to the cheekbones. She explained NARS products are versatile and can be used for more than one beauty function.


The central focus of this beauty look was a strong brow. To achieve this, Kalamata Brow Perfector was drawn over the brows subtly filling in gaps and extending the arch for extra definition. Boehmer chose a light brown colour scheme to complement my eyes, blending three different colours together. Nepal shadow, a shimmery rose shade, was applied to the base of the lids, before Ashes to Ashes, a violet shimmery brown, was brushed over the top. To make the eyes have an extra pop factor, Alhambra a metallic rose mist and golden champagne eyeshadow duo, was dabbed into the corners of the eyes. To finish the look, Volume Mascara was brushed through lashes.


Boehmer encouraged me to be creative with my beauty look and experiment with colours I wouldn’t normally wear. To finish my night-time style he chose an eye-catching hot pink lip shade in ‘Yu’ to give me a fun, flirty, bold style.

NARS certainly delivers in creating complete beauty looks with their vibrant colours and multi-functioning products. If anything this beauty event, encouraged individuals embrace creativity when deciding upon your makeup look. Visit Mecca Cosmetica stores to try out NARS for yourself and be brave and experiment with an eye-catching colour for your lids or your pout!

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