Mastermind Japan, an exclusive label from Japan designed by literal ‘mastermind’ Masaaki Homma launched its collection at Marais.


The launch party featured my fashion favourites – skulls, roses, original cocktails (which were awfully strong and tasty), glitter rice canapes (edible glitter!) and black & gold skull printed macaroons (definitely had more than one of these…)

Did I mention skulls?


Yes, lots of skulls at this event due to the fact that the logo for Mastermind is a skull and two cross bones. An impressive feature inside the Marais store was a smoke screen with – yes you guessed it – a skull projected onto it. Not going to lie, we had a little bit of fun walking through it back and forth.


The collection was reminiscent of my once-upon-a-time, sorely missed life in Tokyo. It truly reminded me of that animated, comical fashion that walks the streets of Harajuku and Shibuya. The darkness of the skull, the quirk of the label’s name ‘Mastermind’, the monochrome colour palette and the chic, tailored look combined with the casualness of printed t-shirts and hoodies. Yes, please take me back to Japan.

We also had the chance to meet and greet with Mr Homma which was an absolute honour. He even signed my card ‘Dear Anne-Chan’ – my claim to fame.


After stuffing myself full of macaroons until my tongue was an odd shade of grey and licking the dyed golden sugar around my cocktail glass, I was definitely on a different plane of shady. But definitely, in a good way.

Thank you Marais and Mastermind Japan for a wonderful event!

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