Head into your local Mecca Cosmetica store this September to participate in Express Makeup Artistry Events.


The 20-minute sessions are one on one and custom built for each individual. Clients are given the opportunity to share their skin concerns with artists and advised on which products work best for their skin type.


The Master the Art of Perfect Skin  workshop is focused on individuals of any skin type. Trained makeup artists help you achieve complexion perfection.


To begin, the skin was cleansed with Clean Slate Makeup Remover ($35)  to remove any makeup, dirt or impurities, restoring the skin back to its natural state.


Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Daily face peel ($110)  was then applied to treat the skin. Cleansing pads were rubbed in circular motions all over the face. The blend of alpha and beta hydroxyl acids aims to improve the firmness and texture of skin tone, while also promoting clarity, radiance and hydration. In a two-step process, the cleansing pads are perfect for problematic skin like Rosacea and acne.



To restore moisture back into the skin, Chantecaille Flower Harmonising cream ($149)  was used liberally and massaged well into the skin. The cream contains essential oils, seaweed, vitamins and flowers that feed the skin, reduce inflammation and promote collagen production. Black current reduces inflammation and Bisabolo soothes the skin. The extract of a wild mountain blossom, the Edelweiss flower, provides the skin with natural UVA/UVB protection.


With beautiful cleansed skin, Mecca artists moved onto teaching the art of applying foundation perfectly. It is important to do colour tests with different foundations to discover the perfect shade for your skin.

Bare Minerals Original Primer ($29.95)  was dabbed onto the skin to ensure flawless, long lasting foundation application. The Terry Cover Expert ($98)  was applied to the face, instantly concealing imperfections without the dreaded thick mask feel. The foundation utilises intensive mimetic camouflage technology and auto adjusts to individual skin types providing optimal coverage with a velvety effect. Mecca artist recommends using a makeup brush when applying this foundation for precise coverage.



When it comes to concealers, this Mecca artist says you can’t go wrong with Ellis Faas ($58). Simply paint the concealer onto any dark circles and imperfections.  To ‘seal’ the foundation, Bare Minerals Mineral Veil (original shade) ($26.95) is buffed over the face, working from the outside to the inside. This weightless product is fantastic for minimizing lines, absorbing oils, and softening your complexion. 


For a peaches and cream spring time look, Stila convertible colour ($40)  is artfully rubbed into the apples of the cheeks using your fingers. The great thing about this product is its dual nature in acting as both a blush and a lip colour. Its versatile nature means it’s perfect for makeup on the run!



To finish this spring time dewy skin look, Nars Bronzing Powder ($55)  is brushed onto the face.  The powder creates warmth and contour for the face with hints of golden flecks to create the look of naturally tanned glowing skin.

To discover how to achieve complexion perfection with the help of a Mecca Makeup artist, simply book an appointment at Mecca Cosmetica before September 29th.


 Images via Mecca Cosmetica

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