It’s a new look, a new team and a whole new Couturing. The ‘refresh’ button’s been hit and it’s time for a brand new chapter of the book.


I’m so excited to welcome you all into the start of what I’d like to think of as a new era of the digital world.


Melbourne born and internationally bred from Tokyo to Hong Kong, I have grown up with a life that is anything but ordinary. I am, anything but ordinary.


My vision for Couturing is complex and delicate, like the intricate web of the comb-footed spider. I want intensity. I want zeal. I want to inspire. I want to evoke and to provoke. I want dreamers, and I want to make them all come to life.


Like Salvador Dali’s collaboration with Elsa Shiaparelli, I never want to play it safe. I want to challenge the ethos of our modern day world and bring you all the best of all creative prodigies and wunderkinds.

Fashion should never be held captive to just ‘clothes’. Designer-wear to old hand-me-downs, it simply does not matter. Fashion isn’t just about the materialistic, it’s so much more than that. It’s about the creativity, the innovation and the artistry. It’s the long nights and thousands of hand-sewn beads, it’s the beauty and the beast fused into one. It’s an idea coming to life. This is what makes fashion so incredible.


In the words of my all time favourite designer, may he rest in peace,


“It’s a new era in fashion – there are no rules. It’s all about the individual and personal style, wearing high-end, low-end, classic labels, and up-and-coming designers all together.”


— Alexander McQueen


I am here to embrace the classic and discover the new; because style should never be confined.

About The Author

Anne Hasegawa

Anne is the fashion editor at Couturing. A Melbourne born, internationally bred girl with a passion for all things creative, she is also a hobbie photographer and explorer when she's not trapped in her reverie of dreams and visions. A creative wunderkind who is as intense as Yayoi Kusama's installations, Anne dreams of Mancini's Moon River and one day hopes to live in her own Golightly loft.

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