With the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival (LMFF) fast approaching, L’Oreal is launching a number of new products this month, some of which will be starring on models at the fashion festival.

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Following the huge success of the Nude Magique BB Cream, L’Oreal has launched three new unique products to join the Nude Magique range: a powder, a gel-based blush and a CC cream. The Nude Magique range will be the feature range at LMFF, proving that natural, flawless skin is always in fashion, no matter the occasion.







CC creams – or ‘Colour Correctors’ – are the same all-in-one products as BB creams, but with the added benefit of colour correction of the skin. The first CC cream to be launched in Australia, the Nude Magique CC Cream ($26.95) is available in a universal, green-tinted shade, which neutralises red tones in the skin, while also refining skin tone, texture and imperfections to create a natural glow. It contains the same purple ‘smart pigment capsules’ as the Nude Magique BB Cream, which burst to self-adjust to any individual’s skin-tone. Expect to see many other beauty companies take L’Oreal’s lead to release CC creams of their own, as they are definitely the new generation of hybrid products for 2013.





The second new product in the range is the Nude Magique BB Blush ($22.95). This is the ideal companion for the Nude Magique BB and CC Creams, as it creates a natural, rosy pink to complement the natural summer glow of the creams. The colour-smart technology in the blush sees it self-adjust to the perfect, natural pink for the individual, determined by the PH level in each person’s skin. The blush is dispensed as a faintly pink gel with a luxurious, velvety texture.




The Nude Magique BB Powder ($26.95) finishes the flawless Nude Magique complexion. Like the other products in the range, the powder contains active ingredients that adapt the product’s colour to each person’s skin-tone. The BB Powder provides ultra-light coverage and a velvety texture for a subtle matte finish to remove any excess shine. Even better, the product is the perfect handbag companion with the packaging neatly containing the powder, a sponge and a mirror. The Nude Magique BB Powder is available in two shades: Light and Medium.




 Shine Caresse Lipcolour Model

Introducing Shine Caresse ($23.95) by L’Oreal, the new lip range that combines the long wear and high pigmentation of a stain with the comfortable wear, texture and shine of a gloss. Th new hybrid lip product also provides excellent hydration for soft, candy-coloured lips, with a unique moisture formulation of 30% water and 60% oil.




The foam applicator’s unique feather shape promotes precise and even application, with a small hole in the centre that is designed to remove excess product as you put it on. Upon application, the product’s colour did take a couple of minutes to fully develop to match what is seen from the outside packaging. Compared to other glosses, Shine Caresse is not sticky at all and is extremely comfortable to wear. It has a strong high-shine finish and is indeed very hydrating. The longevity of the product is also impressive, with the colour stain proving hard to shift.


Shine Caresse is available in 8 beautiful shades:






False Lash Telescopic Model

With an increasing number of women now incorporating false eyelashes into their standard makeup routine, L’Oreal is launching a new False Lash Mascara franchise, with the Falsh Lash Telescopic Mascara being the first addition in March.




The new False Lash Telescopic Mascara promotes the appearance of extreme lash length, to create that highly sought-after ‘falsh lash effect’. The unique formulation has micro-stretching fibres that link together to build the length of lashes up to 1.2mm beyond the tip. More importantly, the formula is smudge-free and clump-free. The unique Telescopic brush also lengthens lashes with each stroke, as it imitates the shape of the eyelid to coat every single eyelash.






False Lash Telescopic Mascara retails for $25.95 and is available in Magnetic Black and Waterproof Black




CR Le Vernis Autumn Collection Model


Five new nail polish shades are joining L’Oreal Colour Riche Le Vernis. The Autumn/Winter 2013 collection features a grey-toned, subtle take on traditional jewel colours. L’Oreal Colour Designer, Orrea Light, describes the collection as “a palette of ultra-chic classic colours with unprecedented, timeless sophistication”. The colours will also be featuring on models’ nails at the 2013 L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival.





The addition of the collection brings the the total number of colours in Le Vernis to an impressive 42 shades. The product’s brush has a rounded tip and is designed to coat the entire nail in one stroke. The smaller bottle is also extremely practical as most women won’t use an entire standard bottle of nail polish, and it also keeps the price lower at $6.95, meaning you can buy more new colours, more often.


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