She’s Instagram’s ultimate beach babe, a blogger, a model (you might recognise her from swim campaigns with O’Neill and Rip Curl), and now, Inka Williams is flying the female empowerment flag for Supré as part of their Girl Gang initiative. Did we mention she’s only 15? We speak to her about her inspirations, fashion, and empowering women.

What drew you to joining the girl gang?

The Girl Gang is all about fostering a supportive world where girls are embraced, empowered and praise one another. I’d love to see a world where girls truly love themselves and one another.

I also love working with Supre – it’s amazing to work with a brand that makes fashion so accessible and a brand that my fans love!

The girl gang and gUrl are all about female empowerment – what does this mean to you?

I’ve grown up in a household with a really strong working successful mum. For me, female empowerment is about confidence, inclusion and giving back to others.

You’ve been selected as role models for the Supre audience; Who do you look up to?

My mum! She has worked really hard and is a constant inspiration to me.

One of the rules of the gang is dress to impress yourself – how would you describe your style?

I like to keep it casual and wear something I feel comfortable and confident in. I love denim! You’ll always find me in a ripped pair of denim something. But my style would be casual / beachy / sporty.

What are your favourite trends for upcoming season?

Turtle neck knits!

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