Resort 2016 sees designer Alice McCall visiting an era bygone for her ‘Between Us’ collection. Taking shape in a soft colour palette and equally delicate fabrications, the collection features 50s inspired palazzo pants, embroidered playsuits and lingerie inspired outerwear. The campaign, starring doll-faced supermodels Lindsey Wixon and Emma Summerton, is as whimsical and enchanting as the garments themselves. We spoke to Alice McCall about her past as a stylist, the inspiration behind her latest body of work and what we can expect to see next from her eponymous label.

How did the design process begin for you this season? Where did you find inspiration and what happened from that point?

I always like to start with vintage finds, be it fabrications or garments. As much as I like to travel to overseas markets like Portobello and Rose Bowl, I will also get a lot of vintage inspiration through Etsy and eBay.

Your attention to detail is unparalleled, and this cruise collection is no exception. Can you tell us a bit about the more intricate details you’ve included in this collection? What should we be looking out for?

We do pride ourselves on designing our own fabrics in house, be it Chantilly laces, embroideries, trims etc. Attention to detail is not only about the embelishment but also its fit and finish. we have an amazing team of pattern makers and seamstresses who spend hours perfecting these garments.

Are there any hero pieces this season that you are particuarly proud of?

I love the baby blue paisley chording playsuit and midi-length dress in our upcoming collection. The chorded paisley was extremely popular among our wholesale stockists and we are already receiving emails and calls from customers wanting to order these pieces.

You worked as a stylist with some truly incredible clients before you launched your own label. How do you apply your styling experience to your work as a designer?

As a stylist one of the things I learnt that I apply to my work ad a designer today is ranging and the importance of stories within collections. Pallette is always something that will tie a collection together.

The Cruise campaign features the beautiful Lindsey Wixon and Emma Summerton. Can you tell us about the shoot and how Lindsey and Emma embody the Alice McCall woman?

I’ve known Emma for a long time, she is a wonderful creative with her own vision and it was an honour to work with her. With Lindsey, I just love her mix of quirky/cool and unique beauty. She is one of Karl Largerfeld’s muses, so she speaks high end fashion, but on the other hand she is also a mean long baorder and environmental activist.

You’ve recently opened two beautiful new boutiques in Chadstone and Pacific Fair. What can we expect to see next from you and your epynomous label?

We are focusing on building our retail presence in Australia, in the next couple of months we will be opening our third Melbourne boutique in Emporium. Globally, we are focusing on our wholesale presence, we are now stocked in Liberity, Neiman Marcus and Saks 5th Avenue.

Finally Alice, do you have any advice for aspiring designers who wish to emulate your level of success?

Have a clear vision and a sound business plan. Seek work experience with a designer or company you aspire to. And work hard – do not expect things to be handed to you.

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