Fashionistas often live by the motto ‘dare to be different’; eager to find ways and products that stand out from the crowd and build our strong sense of individualism. Why shouldn’t beauty addicts be any different? Couturing continues its hunt for interesting, creative and innovative beauty products that can help you to be different from the rest.

POP Peak Performance Mascara

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A creative lash comb mascara applicator can give the volume that you desire. The hygienic twist-up design also prevents bacteria from building up, decreasing any chances of getting an eye infection. Including of a lash-protecting formula, this mascara promises to condition and nourish your lashes. POP beauty products aim to bring”make-up artistry to the street” and are designed with the latest technology and high quality ingredients.

Pop Peak Performance mascara is available in three colours: brilliant black, cocoa charm and inky indigo. Available from ASOS

Lush Bath Bombs

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This is definitely the bomb to enjoy a therapeutic and relaxing bath after a long week worth of hard work. The solid bath bombs instantly fizzles when in contact with water due to its sodium bicarbonate ingredient, and emits different fragrance from the perfume and aromatic oils included in the bath bomb. So, get all posh as you enjoy your bath with a glass of red wine and candles, leaving all your worries behind.

Available at Lush stores nationally and online.

Birdie Lip balm

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A selection of three different colours – pink, purple and yellow, this creative birdie shaped lip balm pot is different from the mundane stick of lip balm you get from the chemist. It adds a pop of colour in your bag and also enhances the cutesy side of yourself.

Available online at Topshop.

Lush Hair Henna

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Stand out by dyeing your hair differently! Made out of natural ingredients like red henna, ground coffee and indigo herb, henna can help avoid those that have scalp issues when using salon and at-home hair dyes. This solid hair henna product by Lush also contains ingredients such as cocoa butter and fresh organic lemon juice to keep your hair soft and gives a healthy shiny look at the end of the day.

Available in four different colours – caca brun, marron, noir and rouge, you can stay safe and use them as is, but you can be adventurous by mixing and matching the colours to produce your own favourite hair henna colour.

Available at all Lush stores nationally and online.

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