Australian fashion label Henne has opened its first-ever bricks-and-mortar store on Greville St in Prahran, Melbourne. The brand,  known for its fashion forward wardrobe staples, unveiled its first boutique store, inspired by the sophistication and evolving narrative of the Henne woman.

Thoughtfully designed by Brahman Perera, the space cultivates an atmosphere of artistic reverence. The interior is a tangible expression of quality, craftsmanship, youthfulness, and endurance – a fitting homage to Henne’s guiding values. Personalisation and experience were at the forefront of the brief, which has been executed through the use of colour, material and unique artwork.

Set within two, quaint terrace shops in Prahran’s village precinct, Henne unfurls as a series of elevated, experiential spaces to discover. ‘Her Space’ curates Henne’s capsule releases with a series of wardrobe-style garment displays, plinths and rails, set amongst a landscape of captivating literature, styling and artworks. An aluminium sales counter, hand finished in black wax, is set against rich timber panelling and hand-knotted wool rugs, crafting a layered and tactile spatial quality. Beyond, a stairwell portal is saturated in periwinkle blue; a natural backdrop to the store’s earthen hues, inspired by blue skies. Above, an intimate dressing room is shrouded in woven seagrass, speaking to Henne’s Nordic influences. Rich caramel tones are offset by billowing white drapery and delicate, hinged mirrors that offer a sense of theatricality and interaction.


The secondary terrace comprises ‘For Her – Styling Suite’ a space for events, workshops, tailoring and consultations; a glimpse of Henne’s ‘behind the scenes.’ Fittingly, the Styling Suite embraces a warm, residential feel with hand-woven Kilim rugs wrapping floors and plinth seats, complemented by grained, white-wash walls. Throughout, Henne is meticulously overlaid with the artistic pursuits of local makers and artists, each offering place-specific inflections. Elegant wire chairs by Melbourne-based Bootleg Studio sit in harmony with plastered tables and charred, pitted stools by Bieemele, while the dramatic, tulip-shaped form of a plastered pendant, created by designer Brahman Perera himself, offers a painterly, central anchor to the store experience.

Henne Founder Nadia Bartel said that the store opening marks a significant milestone for the brand. “We are extremely proud to welcome customers into our first Henne boutique store. After trading successfully for three years as a pureplay online retailer, it’s exciting that our customers will now be able to experience the brand in a physical sense,” Bartel says.

The Henne store is open now at  120 Greville Street, Prahran

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