Friday night found Greville St teeming with excitement. If the sweet beats of DJ Rominajé didn’t entice you inside building 126, then the glistening treasure trove inside surely would have.

Near the entrance to the new pop-up-store, aptly named Pop Tart, is a display of vintage books, Hollywood sirens such as Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor adorning the covers. Silk scarves run along the walls, followed by racks and racks of decadent couture, from embellished knits to one-of-kind evening dresses. It’s as if retro pop-art and vintage glamour melded together and produced a lovechild of mesmerizing proportions. And the genius behind it all?

Danielle Victoria Goodwin.

“It’s my passion” she says with a smile, “I love designer clothing and really good quality fabrics and tailor made items. Anything really beautiful and really nicely made”. The fashion design graduate spoke of the beginnings of Hawkeye Vintage, one and a half years ago on the other side of the world. “I’m a collector. I collect antique jewellry and wearable things. Wearable collectible items. It’s just something I do.I decided to start Hawkeye Vintage about a year and a half ago, I was living in Japan at the time – I’ve been living there for the past three years. And for the last 8 years of my life I’ve been travelling and living all around the world with my family and their business. So living in Japan for 3 years, I was able to start a huge collection. I don’t like worn vintage, only pristine, top-quality vintage. Things that are still on trend now, but can be worn.”

Goodwin describes the Hawkeye Vintage girl as “chic, fun, not afraid to express herself, and has a desire to be unique – to stand out from the crowd. I guess she’s a mix between a classic 80s woman, but none of the tackiness! Someone I really admire, and am inspired by, is Carrie Bradshaw. I like her personality, wardrobe,  and eclectic style. So maybe she’s injected into the aesthetics as well.”

Inspired by the likes of Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn and other fashion icons of yesteryear, Goodwin values the age old method of mixing old with new. “This is how we appeal to a broad audience – women of all ages and backgrounds can find something special here. Our items transcends seasons. They are decadent pieces that stand the test of time”

Asked what she hopes to achieve in the future, Goodwin smiles “My ultimate goal is to have a permanent store. I want to go on six trips a year, search all around the world, just buying beautiful things and bringing them back here.”

Images by Colin Gold courtesy of The Trend Spotter

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