Any girl knows that keeping your hair healthy, stylish and perfect requires effort. From selecting which shampoo and conditioner will hydrate your hair and make it shine, down to which brush to use to remove knots, or working out which masque or oil will best keep your hair feeling healthy, keeping hair perfect requires a lot of work. But in selecting what you need to dry your hair, we’ve got the top tip for you.

The ghd aura. You’re thinking, a hair dryer is a hair dryer right? Well think again. The ghd aura is not your run of the mill dryer. It takes hair drying to another level.

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Many dryers don’t produce enough power to create a good blast of heat and air so it can take a long time for hair to dry, or maybe the maximum heat setting is ridculously hot and ends up frying your hair instead. The ghd aura is a hair dryer that doesn’t do any of these things and that’s what I love about it. It is powerful yet not insanely loud to match the intensity of the air that comes out, and the highest heat combines with the voracity of the air to dry hair quick without it being too hot.  This also means that you are able to easily style your hair with control and ease, as well as giving hair that extra bounce from the volume that the dryer generates.

The aura has two patented technologies that help to give a concentrate air flow that allows for exceptional styling precision, control and a smooth and shiny finish. Because of the evenly heated air stream, drying in sections was very easy to do and I was able control it so that after I gave my hair that first burst of heated air, I turned it down a notch to keep my hair hydrated. Also because of the power of the aura, even on the highest heat setting, I was able to really get close into the roots to increase volume and lift. So many dryers don’t have enough power to drive volume and having bouncy voluminous hair instead of limp hair was a godsend to help give me a “just been for a blow wave” kind of look.

The other thing that is great about the aura versus my old dryer was that it is lighter and quieter, and is very comfortable to hold.

If you’re looking for something easy that takes away from the stress in your daily hair care routine then definitely invest in the aura. Your hair will thank you for it.

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