Milan, the capital of Italian fashion, put on an unforgettable show during its latest fashion week. Couturing selected its favourite trends from the runways of Milan


Redken’s Global Styling Director, Guido Palau, has been a busy man the past few weeks, styling numerous shows for New York and London Fashion Weeks, and now has directed hair for leading designers at Milan Fashion Week.




Alberta Ferretti showcased a ladylike and feminine collection this week, executed in jewel tones of amethyst, soft tones of gold as well as classic black. Palau decided to create a modern romantic French twist to compliment the pretty, soft collection. He also wanted to exude some structure and strength to the twist by creating a new texture to the model’s hair in order to give it more shape.


alberta 2


alberta 1


To achieve this look, Palau:

1. Dampened the model’s hair, combing it into a middle part and then applying Redken Full Effect 04 Nourishing Mousse ($29.95) all over the hair, especially the crown area.

2. Hair was raked hair back with fingers, wrapping it up into a French twist, but leaving out two front sections on either side of the part before twisting the hair up.

3. Once hair was up in the twist, it was pinned it securely.

4. The sections left out of the twist were then sculpted by pulling it back loosely with fingers and ensuring the centre part was still visible.

5. Once some structure and texture had been created with the two sections, they were pinned back into the twist, leaving the ends out to create a few wisps and ensuring the style was not too perfect.

6. The style was finished by spraying a generous amount of Redken Forceful 23 Super Strength Finishing Spray ($26.95) all over for extra hold.

alberta 4


Miuccia Prada sent some well-known and loved designs down the runway for an unofficial “best of” collection for the designer.


Palau created the hairstyles that played a key part in the overall looks seen coming down the catwalk. A wet-look was used on the models, creating a nonchalant and effortless style, which contrasted against the dark, elegant collection. This style relaxed the overall look, exuding a fresh and cool vibe.


Prada 1


To achieve this style:

1. Apply a generous amount of Redken Guts 10 Volume Spray Foam ($29.95) to wet hair, section by section.

2. Move hair into a messy side part and comb through with a wide-toothed comb.

3. Apply Redken’s newest product, Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine Intense ($49) to hair, from the roots to the ends with your hands. Then take a section of hair on the side opposite to the part and clip it back behind the ear, letting it dry.

4. Additionally apply Redken Argan-6 Oil and Forceful 23 Super Strength Finishing Spray ($26.95) all over the hair, especially the side part for an extra glossy finish.


prada 3


The Bottega Veneta Winter ’13 collection was all about wool this year, emanating luxury and understated sexiness. Head designer Tomas Maier decided on a ‘real’ look for the models hair, which is definitely what Palau delivered.

 bottega 2


He took his inspiration from the 1940’s and the 70’s, specifically a young Jodie Foster in the film Taxi Driver, with soft, voluminous curls.


bottega 1


To replicate the Bottega Veneta hairstyle, the key to the look is the right amount of product in the hair. To create the base for styling:

1. Apply Redken Guts 10 Volume Spray Foam ($29.95) from roots to ends, and then roughly blow-drying the hair.

2. Once hair is dry, made a deep side part to your preferred side and mist hair over with Redken Iron Shape 11 Finishing Thermal Spray ($29.95) to help the curls keep their shape and to assist in the hair setting.

3. Using a ½ inch curling iron, curl the hair tightly starting from 2-3 inches away from the crown, pinning each curl to your hair with setting pins.

4. Once the whole head has been curled, leave to cool down and then start unpinning each curl. Once hair is out, brush through with your fingers and a boar bristle brush to create extra volume to the curls.


One of the massive trends to come out of this fashion week in Milan was a dark and mysterious element, giving collections a gothic sense. Versace led the dark brigade with the winter collection and also embraced the 90’s punk rock era with vinyl pieces contrasted with cashmere and fur.

versace 1


Palau decided his aim for the Versace hairstyles was to follow the punk rock vibe and create a look that rolled in glamour, luxury and sex appeal all into one. He executed this with a baby-bouffant that carried a rock and roll element with it. Combing up the front of the luxurious blow-dry gave the style a little more edge and a component of toughness to the overall look.

 versace 2


To achieve this:

1. First apply Redken Satinwear 02 Ultimate Blow Dry Lotion ($29.95) to damp hair then blow dry it with a large round brush in to a sleek straight look.

2. Create a deep left side part using a tail comb, and tuck the left side behind the ear and clip it into place with a setting pin.

3. Apply Redken Hardware 16 Super Strong Sculpting Gel ($29.95) lightly to the forehead and along the part, combing the right section slightly up and back into shape.

4. Remove the clip holding the left section in to place, letting it fall naturally.

5. Palau finished off the look by spraying Redken Forceful 23 Super Strength Finishing Spray ($26.95) to a comb then gently combed through the style to settle fly aways and to create a smooth, glossy look.

versace 3


Roberto Cavalli’s collection was abundant with decadent pieces, with luxurious fur jackets, rich woven leather and opulent monochrome prints being sent down the runway.


Palau decided to feature the hottest trend of the season, the wet-look. Palau did not have a specific point of reference or muse in mind when he created the style, instead embraced Cavalli’s aesthetic itself and coined the hairstyle the “Cavalli Chic.” He also aimed for the model’s to look ‘drenched’ when they stepped on the catwalk with high amounts of shine radiating off the lighting and camera flashes.

 cavalli 1


To achieve this looks, Palau:

1. Parted the hair in the centre and blow-dried it straight using a boar bristle brush.

2. Applied Redken Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine Intense ($40.00) from the lengths to the ends once hair was dried, and then finished off with Redken Forceful 23 Versatile Working Spray. ($26.95)

3. For a more intense strong, shiny look he also applied a generous amount of Redken Shine Flash 02 Glistening Mist ($29.95) all over the style.

 cavalli 2


The queen of minimalism, Jil Sander, stayed true to form for her collection in Milan with classic cuts below the knee, fur coats, and a colour palette of   charcoal grey, navy and maroon.


Hair was also kept to a minimal and pure look, with Guido Palau creating a sleek, glistening ponytail to emphasise the modern pieces Sander created, staying true to the identity of the ‘Jil Sander girl.’

jil sander 1

To get the look:

1. To damp hair, apply Redken Satinwear 02 Ultimate Blow dry Lotion ($29.95) and blow-dry hair straight.

2. Once hair is dry, use Redken Hardwear 16 Super Strong Sculpting Gel ($29.95) to the crown of the head, then section-by-section comb back the hair without creating a part.

3. Secure hair into a low, tight ponytail at the nape of the neck and take a little section from the ponytail and wrap it around the base of the pony, securing it with a bobby pin.

4. Spray the hair in the ponytail with Redken Iron Shape 11 Finishing Thermal Spray ($29.95) and straighten it do that it is stick straight.

5. Finishing off the look, spray Redken Shine Flash 02 Glistening Mist ($29.95) focusing on the crown, in order to complete the style with a slick, wet finish.


jil sander 2

jil sander 3


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