The month of November sees Melbourne men proudly sprouting moustache’s in a bid to raise awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and men’s mental health. Wear your mo’s loud and proud and get all of your mates together during ‘Movember’ to celebrate being men and have a ‘Guy’s Night In’ or ‘Guy’s Night out’.


Whilst we’re not suggesting you throw a raging bachelor party with strippers and beer bongs, we believe you men deserve a sophisticated evening together. If you are, however, struggling to think of ways to have an entertaining night with your mates, then don’t despair. Couturing have designed an itinerary for you pack full of style and swag.



We know that beer is probably going to be the staple drink at any night involving blokes, but as well as having beer it might be nice to mix things up a little bit and have a round of cocktails. Not suggesting you sit around sipping on a Manhattan with an umbrella popping out the top, but the Old-Fashioned Cocktail is a concoction that will leave your masculinity in tact – plus, the men from Mad Men drink it, so it must be cool.


Old-Fashioned Cocktail



–          Bourbon or whiskey 60ml (whichever you prefer)

–          Angostura bitters

–          1 cube of sugar

–          1 cherry

–          1 orange slice

–          Ice



–          Place the sugar cube in a large cup and soak the cube with angostura bitters (add just enough bitters to soak the cube)

–          Add cherry and orange slice then muddle together (mix)

–          Fill the cup with ice

–          Add the bourbon or whiskey

*Many Melbourne bars add some soda water to this recipe – but it’s up to you!


Without meaning to stereotype, don’t just order a pizza or have a BBQ, put your domestic skills to the test and make your own pizza from scratch. It’s the easiest way to cook for a group of gents and impress them, Jamie Oliver style.

Here’s a link to some of Jaime’s recipes to wet your appetite and inspire you

For some light background entertainment while you chow down on those bad boy pizzas, you could put on a favourite TV series. Something humorous that doesn’t demand your guests entire attention, like Californication or Always Sunny in Philadelphia.


Now, with the housekeeping out of the way, you and your guests will probably be itching  to take your mo’s out on the town. Eau de Vie on Malthouse Lane in the city is a jazz infused speakeasy that would compliment your dashing mo’s  to a tee. Eau de Vie take their cocktail concoctions very seriously, so if your homemade Old-Fashioned didn’t suffice, then you will definitely please your pallet there.


For more information on Eau de Vie visit


For more information on Movember go to


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