Forget the usual condiments at a typical Australian bbq – tomato sauce, mustard and relish. Welcome to the new taste sensation of savoury jams that are now becoming popular additions to the Aussie dining table. Spoonfed Foods’ range of gourmet, savoury jams have been created to improve and enhance the way food tastes with quality ingredients, guaranteeing flavoursome, delicious meals like no other.

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There are seven delicious jam flavours to choose from including Lamb Jam, Pork Jam, Snag Jam, Garlic Jam, Ham Jam, Hot Jam and Winemakers Jam. All products are slow cooked to achieve maximum flavour and complexity and include the freshest herbs, spices or lemon zest. The range stands out from similar jams on the market due to the colours, scents, flavours and textures.

The Snag Jam, Lamb Jam and Hot Jam are three of the most popular varieties in the Spoonfed Foods range. The Lamb Jam has a delicious combination of mint, rosemary, apple and spices while the Snag Jam has beautiful smoked tomatoes with a hint of chilli and various spices. The Hot Jam is bursting with flavour as well as chillies – it can be added to any meal that needs an extra bit of heat.

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“Every jam has a distinct personality and offers a completely different taste sensation, colour, texture, balance and layering of flavours. Our customers often tell us how these jams contribute to memorable dining moments, shared with their friends and family; and this makes us feel great,” Spoonfed Foods Owner Valerie Charter says.

The jams are more than just condiments on the dinner table – they can be enjoyed with cheese and crackers, included on an antipasto platter, or even incorporated in various, delicious recipes. The range of gourmet jams are 100 per cent gluten free with no added preservatives and are made in Australia from the best quality ingredients. So enhance your meals this Spring with one (or maybe more!) of the savoury jams from the Spoonfed range.

Available at gourmet grocers, delis and butchers across the country as well as Harris Farm, Thomas Dux, David Jones and online – RRP $12.99

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