There’s a better way to get that golden glow this summer. Fake it with safer bronzers and sunless tanners that are faster and can achieve results that are just as beautiful as the real deal. Couturing caught up with Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins to talk everything Jbronze – her premium Australian tanning range. Designed to cater to her fans and at home self-tanning enthusiasts, we found out her favourite products and tips for tanning this season!

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COUTURING: What made you want to start a beauty brand in fake tan?

JENNIFER: “It was more out of necessity. In the past, I’d tried so many different brands and could not find the right tan for my face or body.  I wanted to create a tanning range that women could trust because in the past I’ve had troubles with products, from bad skin reactions, to the smell, lack of longevity and streaky appearance. I wanted to create something that gave women confidence and comfort in the fact that the product would last and provide glowing skin without spending time in the sun.”

C: What is different about J Bronze, what separates it from its competitors on the shelf?

J: “I have worked with my team in the Jbronze factory to ensure that all formulas have a beautiful smell and hydrating ingredients with no animal-testing and NO parabens. This definitely differentiates Jbronze, because women can trust that the products are not going to harm their skin, they’ll get a great even tan that lasts and last! I can proudly say that the Jbronze mitts are very popular and once people try both the mitts and formulas they don’t go back.”

C: What challenges did you have starting your brand?

J: “It was always a dream of mine to create a tanning range and I really wanted to make it a brand that I was proud of. It took quite a long time to work out the best team, formula and to balance the quality of results, ingredients and smell.”

“It was around three years before we launched in Aug 2013, that I really started pursuing my dream of launching a tanning brand. Then the pre planning took 18-months. I had tunnel vision! Of course there were a few challenges and teething problems along the way, but I absolutely love working daily (with my team) on Jbronze.”

C: What is your favourite product from the range and why?

J: “Jbronze instant tanning cream is definitely my favourite. It’s perfect for an instant bronze if you have forgotten to tan, you want to top up your existing tan, or to give your face a gorgeous sun-kissed look without any UV damage.”


C: Any advice on a tanning routine, more specifically, yours?

J: “My top two tips: exfoliation and hydration! I have learnt that it’s so important to exfoliate prior to tanning so that you are starting with a clean canvas. I like to use the Jbronze exfoliating mitt and body wash and I try and shave my legs the day prior to tanning so I am not removing tan whilst shaving. Hydration helps your skin achieve a natural looking glow before starting your tanning process. Hydrating is also every important for the longevity of your tan and your pH levels in your skin.”

C: What inspired the packaging?

J: “I had a vision from the beginning then worked through different packaging to find the right fit! I was inspired to create packaging that women would fall in love with as much as I did and although the price point isn’t premium, it gives the product a premium, luxe look.”

C: We often struggle with fake tan on our hands and feet, how can our readers get the perfect finish on their hands and feet?

J: “I promise you won’t have issues with Jbronze when it comes to these tricky spots. I tend to find that women have issues in these areas because they apply tan over tan or have dry skin. To avoid this, all you need to do is blend the tan with the Jbronze application mitt.”

C: With Summer and Party season around the corner, how do you get your skin ready for fake tan? What are your prepping tips?

J: “The most important piece of the puzzle to a perfect tan is the canvas you start with. For a clear glowing complexion, it’s pretty important to cut out sugar from your diet in the lead up to your big event. Sugar and wheat are glow killers they attack your cells and make you break out. I notice a big difference when I cut back on wheat and sugar. It’s also important to keep skin hydrated. Drinking lots of water is key to a longer lasting tan and great skin, it detoxifies your body. I’d suggest not using oil over your tan, as it can strip your tan.”

C: What’s next for Jbronze, are you looking at expanding?

J: “My ultimate goal with JBronze is to create a complete tanning range. I’m really excited because I’m working towards this by introducing a new formula at the end of this year, and expanding on SPF because I feel it’s so important – so stay tuned!”

Here’s our guide to faking it with the best:

Step 1: Preparation is vital before any application. Make sure to shave/wax at leat 24 hours prior to tanning

Step 2: Exfoliate your skin, focusing on the driest areas such as your knees and elbows

Step 3: Dry off and apply moisturiser to any dry areas to avoid product clumping

Step 4: Wear your Bronze application mitt and apply foam, cream or mousse to your legs, torso and arms. Working from the ankles up towards your torso for a natural-looking tan

Step 5: Apply product to your fave and neck in circular motions, evening spreading the tan

Step 6: Avoid rinsing your body for minimum four hours, allowing the tan to set perfectly

What’s not to love about being bronzed and burnished in summer? Pick up your Jbronze collection at participating pharmacies and online at

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