Born out of the incredibly inventive mind of Eli Censor, KX Cycle is the latest powerhouse from this gorgeous health and fitness entrepreneur. In just three years, Eli Censor has opened 5 KX studios, KX Pilates Richmond, Hampton, Camberwell, Brighton and now KX Cycle & Yoga in Richmond, all entirely successful and key leaders in their industry. 

The KX Cycle Media Launch was the best start to a morning I have had in a long time. Welcomed into the architecturally stunning and wellness-focused hub that is the KX Cycle & Yoga studios in Richmond, we begun our morning with smiles and (awkwardly) getting our cycle shoes fitted onto the bikes! (the awkwardly part was probably only me). I was instantly excited. With 42 bikes in the studio and some very excited and inspirational trainers at the front of the room, I was ready for a big sweat sesh in the cycle studio. 
There was absolutely no mucking around with this class, we rode straight in (literally!). But unlike a regular spin class, we were encouraged to smile and get a bit of a dance-bop happening as we rode! My heart rate was up within the first 5 minutes, always fantastic in a PT’s opinion (!) and sweat beads were already dropping onto the handle bars. KX Cycle is next level in spin-cycle/cardio exercise workouts, combining elements of traditional spin classes with upper body and core workouts for the ultimate fat-burning, endorphin releasing session! The best part? THE MUSIC. In all my various fitness activities, never have I felt such connection between my workout and the beats I was hearing. The encouragement from amazing trainers, Ana and Danielle, to let our body move and flow to the tunes was so fun, and getting into our arm section by moving our dumbbells to the beat was simply fantastic. The way in which different light shades were used for various sections was also a standout. Having the room in darkness for hardcore sprints was a innovative touch, giving clients the headspace to just dig their heels into that bike and push forward. 
Moving straight from the Cycle studio and into the Yoga room, I felt like I had been transported into a tranquil day spa X Bali yoga sanctuary. Dimly lit candles lined the walls of this beautiful stone floored studio, and soothing music lightly filled the room. After a big Cycle workout, KX Yoga was exactly what I felt like. Working through a selection of traditional moves, none too challenging so we could get a beautiful stretch after our cycle session we relaxed deep into the yoga realm and let go of any nasties. Practising ouUjjayi breath allowed us to bring our heart rates back down to resting, and the Savasana to finish was a brilliant release. 
Ana’s spectacular South-American accent just made the sessions. I felt like Sophia Vergara was coaching me, and Ana’s amazing vibe and big smile encouraged all to keep up their handwork. What fun!
To add again to Eli Censor’s list of triumphs, she also co-owns Nutrition Bar with her sister Laura Pettifer and they kindly supplied a magnificent clean eating feast for a post-workout breakfast. My fave smoothie, the Superfood was on the menu amongst a green smoothie and Chia bowls. 
These sorts of mornings are why I do what I do, and why I love getting up each day. I highly recommend heading down to KX Cycle & Yoga in Richmond, it is the perfect place to smash your body then stretch it after.
KX Cycle
Level 1, 110 Swan Street Richmond
(200m from Richmond Station, near the conner of Lennox Street.)

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Holly Asker

Holly has been working in the corporate Media industry at both Network Ten and Southern Cross Austereo for almost 5 years, but late last year she made the leap into the Fitness Industry where she belongs. Whilst she loved the media world and all things creative, Fitness is where Holly’s heart truly lies! A KX Pilates Instructor, Personal Trainer and Bootcamp Instructor, Holly also has an Honours degree in Bachelor of Communication: Media from RMIT and will complete (fingers crossed!) her Masters in Human Nutrition at Deakin University in 2017. Next to fitness, she has an additional deep passion for writing and hope's to combine both elements into a business or studio of her own sometime in the near future. Hol’s bread and butter is running, having completed upwards of 6 Marathons and Half Marathons. She lives her life with total and utter balance, her first and only health and fitness mantra. Aside from her KX Pilates studio in Fitzroy, her favourite place is on the beach in pure sunshine, sipping on a coconut :) Blog: Instagram: @holasker

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