Showpo, has quickly been amassing a loyal cult following thanks to their affordable beautiful couture-style clothing for casual wear and beach wear, and now, their workwear line is getting the same accolades that you’d expect from one of Australia’s top online stores. Focusing in on clean, clear lines, gorgeous colors, and a high level of versatility, Showpo’s new workwear line has everything a woman needs in order to look fabulous while on the job.


For women who enjoy having a simple dress that can work in almost any office setting, Showpo’s new line is a must-see. The dresses offer flattering designs that are sexy, yet not scandalous, and professional, but not matronly. Running the gamut from the old school conservative to the hypermodern, it’s hard not to find at least a blazer or pair of pants that works out well with your office dress code.

Showpo makes a point of also incorporating the hottest colors of the season into each of their lines, and their workwear line is no exception to the rule. It’s easy enough to find desert-inspired pastel pinks, flattering sand tones, and nautical navies in their outfits.


Along with standard black and white office wear, Showpo also gives fashionistas a chance to cash in on some of the newer, edgier trends that have been hitting the fashion community. Trends like the new cloth trench coats hitting runways, circular John Lennon-style shades, and provocative yet comfortable shoes are all part of the site’s offerings, which makes it easy for office wear to walk the thin line between trendy yet traditional.


Showpo is a store that is rare in its ability to turn the conventional into the unconventionally stylish, and its ability to make workwear look incredible for just about any time of day. What more can we say? Bravo, Showpo!

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