On the night of August 30th, Hinny Tran and Dani Boudville collaborated to bring you Fred Hates Fashion, a Melbourne Spring Fashion Week runway launch event for 2013 where ‘runway meets fashion film’.

The event featured upcoming and established designers who collaborated with special guest designers of the highest calibre. Guests bore witness to fashion films that encompassed the designers’ creative visions at their best, highlighting the fashion industry’s appreciation for high quality and exceptional craftsmanship.

Drinks were abundant as were the freebies and giveaways, all amidst high quality fashion digitalization, underground music, glamazon models and exclusive previews of the latest designer collections.

Fred Hates Fashion aimed to provide their guests with a way to “experience fashion with all of your senses… a night of creative sensory stimulation of unimaginable magnitude”.

Both Hinny and Dani agree that the night was a success, with feedback from their special guests praising everything from the handmade spray-painted and stenciled goodie bags, to the overall atmosphere of the show giving an underground, dark cult party vibe. All in all, the FHF fashion launch has been hailed by couture enthusiasts as a highlight in independent fashion, bringing to the forefront underground talent that has been hiding away for too long.

Featured designers included Anthony Capon for Et Al Stores Melbourne, Aaizel, Sonya Kraan, Emslie & Mosca, Damien Yip for Authority Clothing, Craig Braybrook and Andy Truong, as well as guest designers William Llewellyn Griffiths of Metal Couture, Bowie Accessories Hair and Makeup pioneers, Pete Koziell from Chumba Concept Salons, Simone Clarke Hair & Make Up, Youshiki Scissors + Hair and Lexy Vu.

Photography by Jonathan Ho Photography

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