It seems like every year, a new crop of superfoods emerges and 2015 is no exception. Sorry kale and chia seeds, it’s time to make way for a new breed of heath superheros. We round up the top ingredients you should be cooking with in 2015.


This lesser know ancient grain is packed with protein and is a great gluten free option for those with celiac disease. With a slightly crunchier texture, but much easier to pronounce than quinoa, this superfood can be used in soups, salads (e.g. with black beans and parsley) or breakfast options such as porridge with blueberries. It also acts as a healthier option for crumbing food such as schnitzels.



Like its friend the brussel sprout, the artichoke has been unfairly labelled as one of the least popular vegetables on the market, but that’s all about to change. One of the best foods for stimulating bile production, artichokes are set to takeover from kale as a superfood to watch. Bile helps you breakdown fat and is necessary for aiding the absorption of fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E, ). It also helps to eliminate toxins from the body. While the green varieties pack a heathy punch, for extra superfood points opt for artichokes with a dark purple colouring.



Don’t let its dark colour fool you, charcoal is one of the best ways to eliminate toxins from your body. An old school way of cleansing your system, the easiest way to get your charcoal fix is in a delicious juice. We love Pressed Juices’ Black Lemonade.

couturing pressed juices

Fermented Veggies

While not the prettiest of dishes out there, fermented veggies such as kimchi and sauerkraut are getting a lot of attention for their abilities to support digestion and strengthen your immune system. Great excuse to pay a visit to Kong.


Black Rice

While white rice often gets a bad wrap, in 2015, why not opt for its much healthier counterpart, black rice. Containing more than 6 times the anti-oxidants to the common brown and white rice varieties, this super grain is linked to the prevention of heart disease. In corporate it into your salads and as the perfect partner to curries and stir fried veggies.



We all know how good green tea is. Now you can get an even stronger antioxidant hit with matcha powder, 100% natural green tea leaves stone ground down into a fine powder. Great for enhancing your metabolism, boosting your immunity and detoxing your system, this humble powder can easily be added to recipes when baking or mixed with hot water for a delicious brew. Get your fix with Matcha Maiden.matcha_superfood_19qki3m-19qkiefKelp

Kelp is contains one of the highest natural sources of organic iodine which helps control your metabolism. Why is this important? It helps to prevent calories being stored as excess fat. Sounds good to me! Get your fix with Japanese seaweed salad or seaweed noodles.



Bee Pollen

Packed with antioxidants, fatty acids and amino acids, bee pollen is great for increasing your strength, stamina and focus. It’s great for using a substitute to honey and sugar in recipes.


Move over gojis, barberries are the new super berry on the market. Commonly found in middle eastern cooking, these tart fruits are high in vitamin C and possess strong anti-inflammatory qualities.


We’d love to hear what superfoods you will be trying in 2015? Comment below.


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