The new Refreshingly Light Mediterranean Tonic (the bartender’s favourite) is Fever-Tree’s response to Aussies’ thirst for a healthier option with 50% less calories and no artificial anything, and (importantly) one that doesn’t compromise on taste. This comes after Fever-Tree’s Refreshingly Light Indian tonic became the brand’s fastest-growing tonic segment in Australia in 2020.

While many other mainstream light mixers rely on sugar replacements to achieve a healthier alternative, for Fever-Tree, it’s all about the best of both worlds, ensuring that flavour isn’t forgotten in the pursuit of a healthier option.

Refreshingly Light Mediterranean Tonic uses a small amount of natural fruit sugar along with rosemary and lemon-thyme from the shores of Provence, giving you the same great taste in a deliciously light, floral tonic. A taste of the Mediterranean.

Fever-Tree Refreshingly Light Mediterranean Tonic is available in a 500mL format from Woolworths now, RRP $4.00



Nespresso has launched two new limited-edition single-origins as part of its legendary Master Origins coffee range. The distinctive aromatics and flavours of the two new coffees, Nicaragua La Cumplida Refinada and Peru Organic are linked to the countries of origin through unique harvesting and processing techniques from local farming communities. The latest additions to the Master Origins range offer coffee enthusiasts the chance to experience extraordinary taste profiles that encapsulate the unique harvesting process of each region.


In the case of the Master Origins range, coffee experts at Nespresso have been working collaboratively with farmers and agronomists in the field to define the exact methods needed to produce deliciously distinctive coffees with unique aromatics and tastes that Nespresso lovers can enjoy from the comfort of their home. Harvesting and processing are both essential parts of the coffee production that require a great deal of care and attention. Each step can alter the end taste of the coffee, placing significant importance on the production.


In small farms in Nicaragua, local craftsmen focus on fermentation in the post-harvest coffee process to create a bold taste profile. Fermented coffee is created when a special yeast is added to the coffee cherries during their natural fermentation process. The added yeast demands extra care on the part of the farmer who monitors temperature and time over 72 hours to ensure only a high-quality result.  The taste of the final cup is determined by the conditions that a coffee farmer chooses to ferment the coffee in. Just like a fine wine, fermentation is a key stage in the processing of any coffee to unveil its true flavours and aroma.


The rare coffee blends, Nicaragua La Cumplida Refinada and Peru Organic will be available for a limited-time only for both Nespresso Original and Vertuo machine systems offering customers a new and unique coffee moment. Visit your nearest Nespresso boutique or https://www.nespresso.com/au/en/home

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