Prints and colour may strike fear in the average Melbournian, but Melbourne based label Limedrop make event the most outlandish sartorial statement wearable. From LED shoes to splashes of watercolour, Limedrop thrive on the idea that colour and fun are easy to inject into an otherwise monochrome wardrobe. Our host Jasmin Howell spoke to Limedrop designer Clea Garrick ahead of their Fashion Week show this evening about the joys of colour, how to integrate prints into ones’ pre-existing wardrobe, and how “50 Shades Of Colour” came to be.

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Gemma Watts has worked in the fashion media industry since 2012, writing for and being headhunted by some of the country's leading fashion and beauty companies. With a Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing and a Bachelor of Communication (Journalism) under her belt, Gemma is able to combine her two greatest passions as Couturing's Fashion Editor- fashion and writing.

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